Leftists EATING Their Own, Harass Ginsburg’s Friends For “Killing Her,” Antifa Attacks Themselves

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  1. I have no knowledge of Ginsberg, but officiating a wedding in my twighlight and imminent death approaching fast. Sounds like a pretty special thing to be able to do in your last month of life.

  2. "They're purposeless."
    Wrong, Tim. VERY wrong. They DO have a purpose. They SHOW their purpose on a daily basis. The purpose is chaos. The purpose is destruction. The purpose is violence. And they are organised, despite what you MIGHT think. Disorganisation is the name of the game. Make it LOOK random. Make it LOOK disorganised.

  3. Just a reminder that you all haven't actually taken prescription strength red pilling yet. The fact you lot still look at these leftists as people is telling. You lot all know as good as I do this is only going to end one way and that is with an entire generation of people being disappeared. Its either us or them. Wrap your tiny little brains around that ever looming fact or its gonna be you first, even though you would meme on the libs for all those years not expecting it to boil over you'd deserve that fate for not having any foresight. Get ready, for real. Have fun with it even, there is rarely any justification for war historically speaking and rn we have actually evil to contend with. I donno about you but that sounds like some victimless fun to me

  4. Of course! Because they're Communists!
    That's what they DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. From decades of being hero to zero. Yes, such is the fate of anyone who dare to stand for them. Once you are of no use to them for whatever reason (including because of your own death) they will EAT YOU. Let her be the reminder that no one should ever bend to them.

  6. This old bag could have retired when Obama was President
    But the coot was waiting for "President Hillary" to come to power, so she could retire and then watch Madam President get another lefty female hack as the next Supreme Court candidate
    She didn't get that, so out of pure spite, she continued being a Supreme Court judge for the entirety of Trump's presidency.
    Dying at this point was about the worst time for everyone
    May she rest in peace but we're all fucked

  7. Hahahhaaha…. no Tim, those two idiots who asked RBG to officiate their wedding are not going to be new Trump supporters.

    They're Leftists and will probably be at home self flagellating themselves for killing the old coot

  8. I don't know why they're all mad that she died weren't they all running around yelling Boomer Doomer, saying how awesome it was that all the successful people that they can't measure up to were going to die?

  9. Arm yourself, prepare, and vote SOLID RED on every city, county, state, and federal election. It’s going to take several generations to fix this and the way to start is vote republican from here on out.

  10. What would you expect from barbaric and savage Marxist-Communist leftists ? They have absolutely no redeeming qualities, no class. These loony leftists don’t even have enough class to know when shut up.
    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg knew she was dying of Terminal cancer anyway, what does a risk little bug matter in the grand scheme of things. So, she wanted to have one last “Hoorah”, before the end. A gutsy lady, worthy of respect.

  11. Their Toddlers? Tim stop being demeaning to toddlers. There is really no word to describe these poor excuses for people. Catch them, ship them to China for a year then see how much they like authoritarian and socialist govt.

  12. I would think that conducting weddings is one of the best things that a judge gets to do. It was probably the highlight of her day, if not her week.

  13. "Now he knows".. no, Tim, no lesson was learned, he'll be right back there, doing the same exact thing. These people are ideologues, they'll excuse bad actions from people around them; "oh well, they attacked me.. but it was just a mistake; next time it will work out fine, just like Socialism will work the next time we try it."

  14. The Proud Boys set Antifa up! They announced a fake rally knowing Antifa would show up and go crazy. The Proud Boys never even showed up. So Antifa had no one to beat other than the media and that idiot in the SUV. Great move by the Proud boys!