Leftists MOCK Joe Rogan’s Recovery From Covid, They Wish He Had DIED

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join friend and founder of Power The Future Daniel Turner and executive editor of news Chris Karr to examine the very strange response leftists had to Joe Rogan’s exuberant announcement that his choice in Covid treatment made him ‘feel great’.

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. My brother and my niece got sick with COVID, took Ivermectin, and were symptom free within 4 days. I know through indirect means of another 2 dozen people who had the same results using it. Anecdotal, I know, but enough anecdotal evidence should eventually count as something. If one group is claiming Ivermectin is stopping the virus in-vitro, and another is claiming it does nothing, but lots of people are using Ivermectin off-label and having good results, there is no need for further lab study. Ivermectin is safe and has been around for decades. It will not hurt the person taking it, provided they use it at the correct dose. If people are going to use it anyway, doctors should just start prescribing it to make sure people aren't taking too much.

  2. Bro Rogan has been touting "be healthy/boost your immune system it will save you" for a year and a half but runs out and gets the kitchen sink thrown at him? Why didn't he just rely on his immune system to save him? That's the real hypocrisy here.

  3. Pharmaceutical companies sold the vaccine to the government. The vaccines have a shelf life so if people do not get the vaccine then the government has to buy more. Right now we're seeing a battle because the government's trying to not have to buy more and the pharmaceutical companies want you to have to buy more, (with your taxes).

  4. He has put up a video talking about it an he speculated that because the vaccine is used for emergency approval from the fda there cant be other forms of treatment so if these other things work for treatment then they cant have emergency fda approval.

  5. Exactly. They are trying to suppress Ivermectin because the big companies can't make money. Same as they did with HCQ. The studies that showed it was bad used overdosed the patients or waited until the patient was ready for their last heartbeat to give one dose, then said HCQ. They couldn't have emergency authorization of vax if a drug worked. Now the same companies are coming out with oral med that is essentially the same as Ivermectin, changed enough to get new patent and sell for $1k per pill. They didn't want Rogan to survive because it goes against a shot for everybody.

  6. I know several people personally who have taken it in the early stage. It worked for all of them and very quickly. It's horribly strange that there is a war against something that is helping people who might otherwise be very ill or die.

  7. Bottom Line: Liberals/Leftists/Socialists ALL want COVID to continue for the foreseeable future. They don't want any "quick-fix" for people that contract it. They want to ensure that they will be able to continue with their VOTE-BY-MAIL charade through at least the next few election cycles.

  8. Merck the creator and seller of Ivermectin says it has zero effect on covid. You jackasses will try everything but the vaccine. I say if you are not vaccinated you dont get a hospital bed.

  9. The hospital in Houston with one of the lowest death rates in the country has been using ivermectin since the start of the pandemic. He’s had 95% survival rate since the beginning. Dr Joseph Varon memorial Houston. Cnn calls him “the covid Hunter” bbc has written long articles about him. Recently they found out he’s using ivermectin and have tried to slander him and his hospital.

  10. are there any studys ob this matter without conflicting data. thats been the issue the whole time. the government wants ypu to blindly follow anything they tell you but then flip flop on their stance over and over. and thanks to individual content producers we have seen that there is info disproving the narrative and also bringing to light that big tech and mainstream media are lying to you and hiding information from professionals. so at this point i dont trust a dam thing they say and have to rely on my own research

  11. people are now so mean because they deep down know they have fallen for all of the lefts bs, not just about this topic. and they dont want their entire lifes meaning thrown out. when i finally saw the lies of the media revealed and how dangerous their narratives are and how reckless they push it i was upset and had to question everything. i felt like a idiot, but once you see it you cant un see it. its easier to be in the dark and believe everything you are told and never critically think about it research it

  12. On people being ‘meaner these days’:

    I’ve always detested ‘sitcoms’, they’ve modeled social behaviors for decades and people imitate that behavior. It starts out as an inside joke within groups of friends, or is acted out at school when children bully each other.
    Anyway, I blame the dummy box for making meanness and pettiness socially acceptable.

  13. Tim’s analysis of Chris Martensen’s stance on the ivermectin studies would embarrass someone who thinks critically. It’s laughable how dumb that statement makes Tim sound, even though he’s not.

  14. Your “talk to your doctor” stance has tainted your own thinking. Take a step back and think about forming an actual stance. It will help you think more clearly. This is painful to witness.

  15. Tim's right, after all the FDA and CDC are the least corrupt institutions in America! LOL! The thing they missed here is the financial incentive all medical professionals get for administering these drugs, which has gone on since practically the beginning of time. The entire system is a business, and the doctors are the salespeople working on commission. They're more than happy to put legal sh*t into a patient's body if they're a rep for the drug/s, which they've done for decades. So it's not about a doctor's intelligence or even politics, it's about motive. I recommend watching the documentary "Prescription Thugs".

  16. Covid is a freaking joke that's why they had to change the test as well because it simply primes your immune system for failure to variations it's freaking obvious Fauci needs to be in prison!! and all ties with China cut I know we are a consumer country but we need to go back to manufacturing honestly.

  17. Tim kinda naiive about big pharma ngl he took the vax so he needs to defend it. Who do you think funded/backs the anti ivermectin and hzq studies?? 😐 He really misses the mark on all this covid/vax stuff really sad to see.

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