Leftists Suddenly Care About Free Speech


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  1. I thought the " not my king" was a satire of the U.S not my president (both Libral and Conservative sides honestly) but I'm pretty sure the King or Queen holds no political power whatsoever and the royal family is basically just big celebrities who have a few privileges in government because of tradition. They have no say in legislation. If I'm wrong correct me. I'm not sure why they're mad the king is just their mascot till he dies basically.

  2. You just know if they start publicly protesting about free speech they're going to act like they started the movement and you and everyone else who's been screaming into the ether about it don't exist.

  3. Dank if the world became something akin to Cyberpunk what companies would make private armies first Walmart is what I hope for but I think realistically Amazon and maybe Sony

  4. I've followed you for around five years. This constitutes a very long preface to what might be a rather important lesson in British history. All things considered, I really hope you don't end up on the wrong side of that lesson. I wish you well for whatever happens next.

  5. As someone in my 40s I can remember when “hate speech” referred to violence and rage, as exemplified by Mike Diana’s comic book Boiled Angel and Jim Goad’s magazine Answer Me. Both of which were so ‘bad’ they were prosecuted in the United States under state-level obscenity laws. It was bullshit then and it is bullshit now, no matter who the craven, self-obsessed censors target.

  6. Imagine getting arrested for saying the word "nigger", swat teams would be kicking in the door of every edgy child on call of duty. (I bet this will be removed for hate speech even though it is a legitimate example)

  7. This is almost as funny as this one time I saw a comment chain on Reddit of people who'd come to the realization that voting for Biden "because he wasn't Trump" was a bad idea. The lack of common sense is absolutely unreal.

  8. Freedom of speech should protect everybody there's shit that I don't agree with but we've had people stand on the wall and die so people can have that freedom of speech you can say you hate America that's fine it's in our laws that you can say that sadly it's not in y'all's law

  9. I think the left just really shot themselves in the foot by just being too lazy to pick a better slogan than "Freed speech reeeeeee"

    If they'd just add little bit to it: "Free speech can be abused to say offensive things", and then focused solely on how they can mitigate that abuse, we wouldn't have to do this circus in the first place. Now "free speech" is a dogwhistle for fascist ideas in the eyes of the left and… There's some truth to that. There are FAR too many conservatives and fascists who use "free speech" as a crutch to justify their hate speech.
    This has lead to everyone else who wants to support free speech into an unfair spot, where they have to pick: Fight for all speech to be free, hate speech included OR Fight for free speech, but be hijacked by alt-rightoids.

  10. There is a reason why These types of people are called Useful Idiots by fucking Commies. These fucking morons played into Big Corpo, Big Tech, Big Bank, And Big Government lie of Hate speech so when the time came they use this Bludgeon Tool of Censorship on anyone who dare speak against The Matrix or the Powers That Be. All of us who warned and told you Lefty idiots to not do this or support Hate Speech Laws deserve everything that you get because you did this to everyone else who didn't go along with your Delusional Fantasy.

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