Leftists Threaten MORE Rioting If Amy Coney Barrett Is Confirmed, They Are Walking Into Trump’s TRAP

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  1. .. but it's not coordinated? How can you threaten to do something spontaneously if the circumstances are met? Yeah, OK. And FYI, lefties, you were going to riot no matter what. Not much of a threat.

  2. We NEED the Supreme Court fully functional. These people who call themselves Democrats are trying to start a civil war. They are working on rigging the election. When Americans try to defend themselves they are arrested and/or called racist. They get you fired. You wear a MAGA hat you are a target. If you fly the flag you are a target. You drive in the city you are a target. They do not care about your health or safety. They want you defenseless and at their mercy. When you cannot fight back they will kill you. This is no game. Our country is at stake.

  3. all steaks are loaded with parasites. factory farming ensures parasitic infections. Parasites drop tremendously for free range cattle and chicken especially with innoculation.

  4. If prominent dems can say stuff like that without condemnation from their own party, then it’s accurate to say they are the party of intolerance, hate, and violence

  5. The Democrats now admit they control the riots. We all knew they control it, condone it, and fund the riots. The left uses terroristic socialist tactics to force others to give them what they want. When do we label the entire democratic party as domestic terrorists? How much more destruction and deaths do we as a free country allow?

  6. Amy Barrett is like worst modern feminist nightmare – moderately good looking and feminine, straight, married, mom with whole bunch of kids, religious, conservative and with exceedingly successful career.

  7. ahahahaha … how braindead do you have to be to think you can threaten the us gvt to bend the knee or else xD
    doesn't work with abduction, terrorism, … why should it work with blackmail / domestic terrorism? xD

  8. I think Charles Barnes is correct, they'll let social media make personal attacks but attack her judicial record as authoritarian/right wing extremist. Something similar to a 'Trumps America' propaganda play. I'm personally not a fan of her record regarding individual liberty/constitutional protections. I also think this kind of pick (female, religious, authoritarian vs libertarian) was directly influence by the threats from the left, and the aiding/abetting rioting.