Leftoids Pivot and Pretend Critical Race Theory is about Critical Thinking

But teaching revisionist marxism isn’t critical thinking:

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  1. Remember when creationist changed their game plan to calling it intelligent design and then there was such poor editing in their new textbooks that the word creation wasn't exactly deleted entirely and you had these strange words that begin as creationism stop three letters in and then put intelligent design

  2. So if I am a white supremecist no matter what I think or do because of my Northern European heritage, are non whites brown inferiorisists no matter what they think or do? And was Barak half and half? I get so confused.

  3. I agree that critical thinking and critical theory are very different things. But, critical thinking has been part of child pedagogy for a long time and paved the way for critical theory. I have not yet discovered the roots of critical thinking, but it is also about constant criticism. It's about total negative thinking. Leftists use it all of the time, it's the only way they know how to think and is very demoralizing. The highest and best use for critical thinking is for reviewing one's own work or ideas, not someone else's.

    When you do a job or think a new thought, you aren't deliberately doing something bad or wrong. Critical thinking is the best way to identify the mistakes or errors. However, to use it incessantly instead of analytical or creative thinking both of which are vastly more productive, it is very destructive. Teachers and leftists complain about bullies, well they are creating bullies by only using critical thinking and teaching it as the highest form of thought. So, children think the best way to communicate with other children is to criticize each other. So they go around belittling each other and bullies are thus created. Think about it analytically. It does have a very similar flavor to critical theory.

  4. "We really need to dispel theses crazy conspiracy theories."
    "Ok, now let me explain how all white people have this unconscious desire to oppress all black people, and we can only correct it by accepting that we are racists and by instituting welfare programs which discriminate based on race."

  5. Garland's son-in-law, xan Tanner, must be editing his firm's, Panorama, mission statement for his SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) to include critical thinking along with: Systemic Racism, Oppression, White Supremacy and Intersectionality.

  6. "the racist / Jim Crow Experiment" or context started when "old world blues of the war profiteering banter" from as far back as the war of the roses, and medieval times literature warfare became this context after the American Civil War. And just like with CNN and other outlets of modern times, "the combination of medias" that issued black face movies produced by Hollywood, and posters produced by private organizations then were affective. It was pushed as a sick joke turned into law…look at that in cross-reference to when Europeans would attack each other. I just fell into this context is all. Its how Europeans attacked each-other with "psychological / propaganda warfare". It is activated once you improperly try to counter it by reverse-engineering the specific assembly of language of and then applied. Ive also seen many variants of this specific language, rhetoric, lexicon or what have you. its like setting off a virus to the mind. The only way to counter it properly is to "de-root" the lexicon / language via the templates one would use to end "psychological/ propaganda warfare". When I did this, I watched "the blind ravid robots", and their limitations of scope throughout all African and Caucasian mindsets in regards to this. Train well guys.

  7. The more they push the better my decision to homeschool my kids has proved it’s self. The news of teachers teaching each other how to push LGBT on the kids while hiding it from parents is scary and if your kid says they align with the cult you have to get them out of the schools now.

  8. “Remembrance of the past may give rise to dangerous insights, and the established society seems to be apprehensive of the subversive contents of memory.”

    ― Herbert Marcuse, One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society

  9. They won’t back off the issue because there’s too much money invested in it.
    ESG (Environmental Social Guidance) is basically the government paying large corporations huge sums of money to pretend to care about race. And these large corporations are aligned with the DNC using the left as their pawns.
    The irony is that many of these communists are actually active capitalists now. You only hope they’re too dim to realize this; because actively knowing what you’re doing contradicts your ideals for malevolent reasons is far worse than ignorance.

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