Legacy Media and Virginia Democrats’ Low-Effort Attack on Glenn Youngkin Backfires Badly

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  1. I believe only one person was killed during the Charlottesville protest. It was a white woman who got hit by a car. The driver of the car was subsequently convicted of murder.

  2. Loving the look!!💕 Classic Styx.. …..💕 To be honest I have given up on America I don't care anymore. So many things going wrong I'm just waiting for the fall. The illigals flooding the border is taking us down. Good bye America

  3. Of course the Tiki torch folks are not what they seem .Biden does a fluff piece from a fake White House sound stage,Harris with a bunch of children who were actually paid actors FFS. Everything about this illegitimately installed shtlib dictatorship is fraudulent. Had president Trump done these things the projecting,hypocritical & absolutely ravenous zealots on the left would be in full on inconsolable REEEEEE mode. The MSM would be melting down and calling for muh 3rd in-peach-mints!. SMH.

  4. So just to clear this up as far as Democrats are concerned there's no-one in the center, you're either "right wing", "alt-right" or "alt-right-adjacent" if you don't march in lock-step with the Party Line.
    And I'll go ahead and say it, if you vote Democrat then you're part of the problem … sadly, voting Republican isn't really a solution because THEY NEVER DO ANYTHING! To all of the Independents and Republicans out there it's beyond time where "holding the line" was a feasible response … it's time to START PUSHING BACK!

  5. Did you catch the matching outfits the Lincoln Project people were wearing ? I wouldn't be caught dead at a Klan meeting with somebody dressed like that . Give me a robe and hood or give me death !

  6. It's so obvious it's a false flag smear when Yougkins doing great in his race you seriously think he'd be like yeah I know what I'll do to help out my campaign even more.

    In an age where every minute thing is perceived as racist and is under a microscope I know I'll have people go out there claiming to be my supporters dressed as white supreme pizzas with torches yeah that's great optics.

    Seriously you care to try that smear harder commie-crats everyone can see through that B.S.

  7. That entire thing got blown way out of proportion. Didn't the one chick perish due to being trampled and having a heart attack anyway? Between this and January of this year, I am just sick of having the slightest bit of violent backlash from the right put under a magnifying glass and invoked like some kind of summoning ritual every time the cryptocommies want to virtue signal and grandstand despite all the property damage and death they've caused due to being sore over 2016 and inventing outrage over provably BS narratives. A lot of people are tired of it. They're going to keep pushing while claiming that it's the right who is escalating things and raising the stakes. I truly despise these people for their hypocrisy and smarmy, fake altruism but mostly just because they've reduced the discourse to the point where even if there were still a compromise left to be made? I wouldn't take it. I've had more than my fill of them. I just want them and more importantly their poisonous ideologies gone, and gone forever.

  8. Are you also going to bring up the "credible" ISIS threat for Northern Virginia just days before the Nov. 2nd election? It feels to me to also be suspiciously smelly as this story when it came out

  9. Unironically, I do believe that they believe they can afford to act this retarded, because regardless of how badly dems fuck up, their "fortified elections" will kick in and they'll find 100k votes for McAuliffe at the last minute.

  10. Styx seems to be a bit confused on this. My understanding is they were demonstrating outside of Youngkin's bus, pretending to be HIS supporters, not demonstrating outside a McCauliffe facility.

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