Legacy Media is Preparing to Toss Biden Under the Bus to Stop Trump

Using fear of a Trump return, they will eventually also attack Kamala:


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  1. Very bad strategy to only run against something. Biden has systematically taken apart all Trump’s policies just because they were Trump. US has never been so insecure, unstable and humiliated on the world stage, never!

  2. I hate that our election is setup to only have two parties participate in debates. Look at how many hoops you must jump through and barriers you must get past just to get on the debate stage with the 2 other parties. Thats just to debate now look at getting on the ballot in 50 states. Some require you have to poll a certain percentage to do anything. Ross Perot made them actually make it harder for a 3rd party candidate to get in front of the people. They would rather just put independent Bernie out as the goofball candidate to show how honest the media is. Look at who controls the Presidential Debates. Look who runs that organization. Who contributes to it. They have a vested interest in not letting anyone besides a D or an R win.

  3. Kamala will forever be hounded by the fact that no matter how much of a failure Joe becomes, the only reason she will take over after he leaves is because Joe Biden picked her. All the uneasiness of Joe's decision-making sticks to her because everyone remembers how she was dead last in the primaries, because she has done nothing to change people's minds since the primaries except cower behind media puff pieces.

  4. "However many who voted for Biden who aren't 6 feet under." I love that line. The ones who were 6 feet under who voted Biden should be joined by the ones above ground who voted Biden. Let's start with CNN anchors.

  5. Kamala is hiding in a closet hoping old Joe, has a stroke, dies a natural or unnatural death, gets impeached or is declared incompetent. She is like Gollum, muttering to herself: "My presidency, my presidency".

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