Legal Bytes DISMANTLES Amber Heard Attorney Excuses | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar discuss the excuses made by Amber Heard’s lawyer with lawyer and legal commentator Legal Bytes who covered the Depp-Heard trial from the beginning

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Legal Bytes:

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  1. Judging by the comments I see under these stories, some women will suffer from this whole shitshow. A lot of morons are just using this as an anti me too symbol…

  2. I'm so so glad she made the point about this helping male abuse victims. Between this case and the Will Smith thing, I'm very grateful to see these issues getting validity for men. I'm a female survivor of multiple cases of sexual abuse and assault between my father and later my husband (now ex). I spent decades trying to unwind everything that was done to my mind and in some ways it'll never be completely unwound. Every human has a psyche and it has too many vulnerabilities whether you're male or female. And there are manipulative, abusive people in every demographic (except infants👶).

  3. If you followed the trial – these youtubers like legal bytes did some big mistake.
    They told everyone what AH Team did wrong and surprisingly in the 2.nd Day of AH on the stand they rephrased most of their errors so AH could redo them.

    AFAIK inly the jury wasnt allowed to warch "social media" Elaine and her Team does it and thats the Error these Youtube Lawers had done.

  4. I think it helps domestic abuse victims bc the victim got some semblance of justice i don't understand why ppl think that victims won't come forward. If anything I thing this bodes very well for domestic abuse victims.

  5. EDB was a better alternative to legalbytes. Alyte comes off as being phony and ONLY interested in making money. There are better legal channels to watch.

  6. Glad to see you had Mrs. Bytes on. She does an excellent job relating legal content and has no issue discussing contrasting view points, which makes for a breath of fresh air.

  7. The “Me Too” Movement was damaged severely and shown to be hypocrites when the national office refused to help and believe Joe Biden’s rape victim Tara Reade because they were working for Joe Biden’s campaign. That’s right!!! Tara Reade bravely stepped forward and The Me Too organization for political reasons covered up for a powerful man named Joe Biden and refused to follow their own motto to believe all Women. Tara Reade could actually corroborate Joe Biden’s sexual assault. Also, her own mother was on Larry King talking about it. The mainstream news media also damaged the credibility of The Me Too Movement because they refused to talk to Tara Reade. Katie Halper was the only person willing to listen to Tara Reade and report the story.

  8. I'm a liberal, AH was very inconsistent, seemed dishonest, experts were shady. Crazy thing is all the attorneys watching the trial agreed her evidence was weak and all the psychologists who were willing to make any kind of determination agreed She was on shakey ground

  9. Amber Heard has struck a blow against victims of domestic violence by demonstrating the extent an abuser will go to frame them for serious crimes and continue to abuse them after separation. This woman is a monster. I hope she faces criminal chargers for the lies she told in court and to authorities elsewhere.

  10. Please stop talking about AH and Elaine 15 mins. of fame; poor loser… Do you see any of AH other lawyers talking or giving interviews, they are to busy trying to repair/separate themself from this trial and AH many lies… #MegaPint

  11. If the roles were reversed and JD did all of those horrible things he would have most likely ended up in jail and Krystal would have been all over it. #JUSTICEFORAMBERTURD 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but seriously, I hope this is the end of Amber Turd’s career.

  12. Saying this hurts all women is like saying this makes all women not believable. Brainless generalizations have seem to become way too regular in our society

  13. Right when I don't think AH can stoop any lower, or shock me, she does!! How amazing that she did that! She certainly didn't expect to be caught, did she? Just like with everything else!! This is another example of the kind of person that she is! I would love for Elaine, the jury, the judge and the rest of the world to see her behavior as she takes the stand:

  14. Its amazing how the same people who have lived for years under the protection and lies of MSM to advance their narrative and goals in multiple different areas, as soon as they got a defeat they blame independent youtubers!!And the reason why they want so much to tackle "disinformation" is exactly because of cases like this where people can get another perception of a specific situation by getting away from the MSM narrative and listen to independent media!!

  15. This is NOT a step back for the Me-Too movement. It’s a step forward. The Me-Too movement now includes EVERYONE. This is a triumph for the Me-Too movement because men get abused too, which goes even more unreported than with women because of the stigma that men suffer.

    JD is a perfect example of this! He suffered for MORE than 6 years and only decided to tell the truth and go to court because of his children! AH was abusing him even during their honeymoon. Furthermore, AH taunted, mocked, and dared JD to “go tell the world that he, a MAN, was a victim of abuse” and further mocked him by adding; “We’ll see who they believe.”

    She expected that the world would believe her just because she was a woman even when the “mountain of evidence” was against her? She expected that he would continue to take her abuse quietly, as he’d done the previous years. This is NOT about fans of JD, this is about fans of the TRUTH and JUSTICE.

    JD is the REAL representative of the Me-Too movement. I am glad he had the courage to tell the world the TRUTH. I am glad we saw the “mountains of evidence” that exonerated and vindicated him completely.

    I am a woman and I am thrilled that the jury saw the truth.

  16. It's fun that you guys are covering this because it really has nothing to do with politics, but it's nice to cover different topics that are on peoples' minds, too, and perhaps you made some new friends on Legal Bytes that can help with legal matters once in a while. Thanks. 😀

  17. One of the things I found interesting about that whole, it's the jury's fault, excuse, is this. Both sides picked the jury meaning, dear Elaine, that in attacking the jury, you're telling us that you suffer from a lack of professional judgement.
    Incidentally, I'm a man, who was repeatedly betrayed by his wife, who preemptively conditioned children and friends alike, into an attitude of mind, which was accepting/enabling of her promiscuity, while picturing me as the deadbeat failure who pushed her into what she did.
    Abuse is as individual as the abuser.

  18. Yeah what she said, but can we talk about the doggie paws in the background?😂

    What a deeply satisfying stretch he/she was having during this serous convo.😂

    I love special pet appearances in interviews.

  19. This lawyer screwed up, yet she still took amber heards money. Now she is trying to save her reputation, which has been destroyed. She is no Johnny Cochran. Put a fork in this broad she is done.

  20. The "mixed" verdict was NOT a conflict. The jury believe all 3 of Johnny's claims. The jury also believed that the 2nd question that included a statement by Waldman that accused Amber and her friend's of attempting to create false evidence was lacking enough evidence to back it up. I agree that Waldman made a mistake in putting that conjecture in an official statement on behalf on Johnny, so the judgment was fair. This should also put to be the notion that the jury was unfairly biased toward Johnny due to his celebrity status.

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