Lemmings Running From Ups To Downs And Back Again!

In this week’s market review we highlight once again the volatility in the markets. The fear gauge in the US is sitting at around 30, and still signals more uncertainty ahead. It is worth remembering that such massive swings are being harvested by the algo’s and big financial players who are able to trade on them, and which in turn help to exacerbate the moves. Such large swings are not a sign of a well-functioning market, more a sign of the how close to chaos we are. And as normal we will start with the US, look across Europe and Asia and end in Australia.

Equities have been under pressure this year as the central bank has embarked on an aggressive rate hike path as it attempts to reign in stubbornly high inflation, increasing worries of a policy error that will send the economy into a recession.

The latest edition of our finance and property news digest with a distinctively Australian flavour.

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  1. I fear the Stockmarket will creator, look at it up and down now for a year and a half,U. S. Stockmarket large gains on Friday , I hope people are watching their Superanuation returns , negative return 2021 to 2022 and looks like this year is going to be the same , I switched 100% cash a few weeks ago , I am not going to lose another $30, 000 this year, And all the funds use external fund managers .

  2. “Russia’s wartime oil revenue”. Seriously? And what of America’s ‘wartime oil revenue’? Perhaps that topic is currently taboo. Better not talk about the US stealing Syrian oil while using ISIS as cover.

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