Less Than 30 Days To Expose Australia’s Financial Cops

Adams and North want to discuss want this year’s theme is for IOTP. In January 2022, Adams and North met and Adams indicated that he didn’t want IOTP to just be a platform of commentary and analysis.

Adams wanted the channel to be a channel of action and outcomes. Our campaign about financial crime and ASIC proved that a concentrated effort can lead to amazing outcomes. Our signature achievement in 2022 was to establish two inquiries into the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

The immediate task is to get everyone focused on the ASIC inquiry which is being run by the Senate Economics References Committee.

Note that in 2023, we expect the other inquiry into ASIC by the Parliamentary Joint Committee into Corporations and Financial Services to move forward with their inquiry. When will this be, we will have to wait and see.

The Australian people have less than 30 days to expose the shortcomings of Australia’s financial cops. It is imperative that we know mobilise and make sure that everyone their submission in time before the deadline.

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  1. Maybe John should submit it on the system to see the result. Ensure it has a notice of previous submission and testing the system attached.

    It doesn't matter what the department is, its designed not to do anything or hold people to account.

  2. Is McGowan one to get out as he has made himself treasurer as well as premier, still don't know how that is actually allowed??? , he literally has no one else to answer to

  3. If ASIC's using A1 to do a job that was presumably previously done by an individual, we should expect a large scale reduction in staffing levels for that agency!! So much is automated in Govt these days including issuance of extortion notices to businesses!! As for the housing market, there's been very little change and is still unaffordable for many. Housing needs to drop a lot further.

  4. The YouTube AI seems to be very basic. It detects certain words like shit and blocks the comment. So I suspect even an a-sick AI would understand the subject of the report and how many words and pages but not be capable of appreciating the report's merit or whether it contributes anything new or how supporting or detracting it is.

  5. If people who have cause don't get on board now, not only will they likely never have the opportunity again but the door may stay closed for others in the future. Don't do it for yourself. Do it so that you are not part of the problem. Bring back the spirit of the Aussie battler.

  6. Check out ASIC procurement approaches to market on BuyICT or AusTender for ICT related work. This might help if you want insight on how smart ASIC systems are. The AI thing blows my mind, they do not have “AI” (or “I” 😳). This is important, great work guys.

  7. Keep it up , Lads. But, have you have dropped the ball on debt.?? So check that debt agian, 2 trillion? How much the world owes us? How can we be in debt when we export all that iron ore, coal, gas, agricutlure etc os??..or is it accounting wizardry? to justify false adminstration over us.??
    If the system is broken, what is the point of replacing minions with more puppets?

  8. John Adams, he is a formidable researcher and a brave advocate of the issues that mainstream strive to keep well hidden. Together Martin and John are heros of all regular Australians.

    ASIC are an excellent example of regulators that don't protect the public in any way.

    I hope the total inadequacy of ASIC gets exposed and gets reformed to make them do what they were set up to do.

  9. “Heads roll” implies there is the old town centre with a shaming and execution event…of course its not like these days…it will take months and maybe years before people are forced out…with fairness comes an ability for those to lie and receive to keep their place…and these people who got to the top and have low morales or ethics got their by their persuasive skills…they are talented in BS or confidence trickery

    Like the long arm of the law…it will be slow but sure…the real smart people are dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s …no big extravagant statements in front of a crowd….they are making their evidence bullet proof. It is all coming

    And the financial crash is not an immediate shock of an event…as it relies on human acceptance of the event to occur…what was the biggest thing to happen since sep 2022 is people started to psychologically admit to themselves and others that things feel wrong now and with that comes the slow but sure acceptance of all current evidence to the current paradigm being left to question….the crash has started at the most important point…the psychological level….next will come the defeat of trying to lie and deceive and cover up of the ill health…it will happen over the next 3 years….bandit will be brutal and unrelenting and it is changing the psychology, and to me it is a beautiful thing

  10. It’s not the AI John, it’s how the AI has been designed to meet business requirements….the issue will be the same as job vacancy agencies when scanning a resume, it will be a word based “jargon” search. If there are enough matching words in the body of text, then you can proceed otherwise you shall not pass

    It’s just bad implementation of a bad set of business ideas and requirements

  11. I love your persistence in keeping those who think they are above the law and everyone else to account. I dont just want to see them lose their jobs I want them jailed for willingly failing the Australian people . Good work John and Martin

  12. The fact is we're governed by one gigantic organised criminal syndicate which comprises Governments at all levels and their agencies, NGOs/charities, law enforcement, academia, judiciary, military etc. etc. Not sure any remedy can come from this deeply corrupted octopus. A tweak and even resignation here and there won't cut it. The entire system needs to be collapsed and rebuilt in limited form by and for the people and with all political career parasites removed.

  13. The Westminster clownshow is arranged to serve it's corporate fascist political donors and their profiteering scams.

    All available political options are a variation of the same mindless strategy and no real alternative can compete without a corporate sponsorship.

    This is a disgraceful fact

  14. Where are a l the over paid pclittitions in this?? Not one has spoken out about this, but will vote to have the inquiry done in SECRET!
    Of course the corrupt pollys do not want anyone looking into what they are up to. All in the same gang of liers.

  15. Going into "Administration" or "Bankruptcy" means the Insolvency expert grabs all assets for themselves in fees, until there is no more money to capture. There is no oversight from the Regulators over this practice.

  16. I can't believe you bought a greatly inflated property after all the content you've made about how dumb our property market is. I hope you are wrong on the pivot

  17. John really needs to stop throwing around the term "AI", While there is abviously some sort of "algorithm" being used, I highly doubt and sort of AI is being used. Algorithm != AI

  18. Our Man JA & MEN the only 2 ATM as people I see and Hear helping US as Australians with elligal activity from above. If we had people as seen here In power our country could be possibly helped

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