Let Djokovic Play | My Essay for Common Sense by Bari Weiss, a Terrific Substack

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Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. This is just a power play and using Djokovic as an example. He not vaccinated never got sick and others who were did. I n CANADA it is the same TRUDEAU has to punish those who DISOBEYED him and so non vaccinated can not travel by bus plane or train WITHIN CANADA OR OUT OF CANADA. Now I do not know how many doses would be considered FULLY VACCINATED. My nephew who got pericarditis after his first dose is considered not vaccinated .He was actually told he should have a second dose. My aunt who trusting the HEALTH CANADA went for her third dose. They gave her a different vaccine from the first two as pZIFER not available. After about four to six weeks she developed an inflammation generalized symptoms. Rash CELLULITIS? ,liver enzymes up, weakness, digestive problems fogginess .She was out of commission for a few weeks. THAT WAS HER DIAGNOSIS INFLAMMATION no other explanation although someone did ask when her last dose was.

  2. That's right, it wasn't for medical reasons, it was politics of power, and not only in the US.
    Simply put, this athlete was made the example of rejecting natural immunity, and none of the host governments recognized it.
    See, "abuse" was the means for a citizen control policy, and he was punished for not complying with that policy.

    So, those who complained about his non-compliance, failed to acknowledge the violation of rights; not Djokovic's, fundamental human rights. All humans have the same immunity system, hence natural immunity applies to all.
    This was analogous to race or gender discrimination, it was insane, and most citizens supported it.
    What a shame for society in the 21st century.

  3. You know, Dr. Prasad, beyond the data that confirms the uselessness of these policies, the governments didn't want to recognize natural immunity as being better or, at least, equal to vaccination.

    That was the senseless and non-scientific policy, that's the why they did it.

  4. Do we have a vaccine for a mind virus? This due the progressives and their use of do it for others! Do it for the community!
    One side of the argument thinks any dissent are from evil stupid people!!!

  5. I think any solution that lets Djokovic play would have to either
    1) drop these vaccine mandates for all foreign travelers
    2) openly admit to creating a separate set of rules for rich and famous people

    The only reason they won't let him play IMO is because they don't want either of those options

  6. This policy merely seeks to continue the narrative. If Djokovic isn't mandated to vaccinate, perhaps less persons will also take it. It's a celebrity who is unwilling to be an endorser, so he's a problem for "them." As for me, he's a great tennis player, and I respect him sticking to his principles, which in this case or more aligned with "the science" than "the scientific community." Quite the state of affairs, and I'm amazed at your ability, Dr. Prasad, to explain such stupidity as the examples keep coming. I admire your tenacity.

  7. Didnt know that he is not allowed in this year but was allowed last year – we're going backwards. So now, after the myocarditis data is beginning to surface (it's been there a while), we are asking an athletic male under 40 to get vaccinated so he can then immediately go and play in a professional tennis tournament!

  8. The subject of your video is not broad enough. The fact is, government can a slow-moving beast. Some of the time that slow movement is in the wrong direction or at least, illogical. Occasionally that lack of government logic can be very unfortunate. Take Jim Crow laws, for example. Sometimes it can be dangerous. Look at Nazi Germany. We are a society that just went through a pandemic. Hopefully the dust will settle and we can get back to some level of rationality. "Some level" is all the world has ever had.

  9. Power hungry idiots reign supreme in this country! I can’t even trust my own doctor bc all these big medical groups just mimic what these ridiculous politicians say. God forbid we promote healthy eating and exercise to combat disease.

  10. I've been a fan of Djokovic since 2011. But he now has my utmost respect for standing strong and sacrificing his tennis career for his beliefs. Too many people gave in so that they could travel or have fun. Eventually they will understand the truth of this nightmare….control over the population.

  11. The rule may be stupid but it is not just "blocking Djokovic" it is blocking any foreigner who has not been vaccinated. I don't like it when it is being made to sound like Djokovic is personally being targeted..

  12. Good points you have made. 1. Very fit person- low risk. 2. Not high risk age range- low risk. 3. Already had the virus and recovered- low risk. Overall- extremely low risk to allow Djokavic to play. The policy makers just keep showing they have no idea about immunology or public health.

  13. Sorry, but it never really made sense to recommend improperly [long term] tested genetic biologicals even if they showed a short term benefit, especially since NO similar product was ever widely tested or used; MAYBE for the most “at risk” but only if you’re fully informing them of the complete unknowns (long term risks like cancer) and ACTUAL known risks (which were available but not public) for them to make a good risk-benefit assessment, but that’s it… we let this get WAY out of control, people should be held liable for what they said since that’s how we were treated (preemptive censorship) for being cautious and encouraging the precautionary principle when it comes to NOVEL drug treatments.

  14. Thanks Prof. Prasad
    I’m a family practitioner in Australia in a state where our chief medical officer said to football spectators at a game with interstate players performing NOT to touch the football should it make its way into the stands as you might catch Covid ! That single statement did more to erode public confidence in the health system than any number of loonies or opponents of solid science based medicine. And she still has her job- you can’t make this stuff up. I agree totally with your comments on the need for consistency

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