Let kids be kids: Legal challenge against vaccine passports for youth recreation | Help us fight vaccine passports across Canada
A group of over four thousand concerned parents and citizens are part of the ‘Free to Play’ group and have been advocating for youth access to recreation. When we heard their story, we agreed to help with their legal battle.
FULL REPORT from Adam Soos:

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  1. What about having vaccinated and unvaccinated sports, for all ages, if you can't have the jab, than you don't have too!!!

    How can the government mandate vaccines, when NONE of the vaccines are working, "THEY CAN'T"!!!

    Which is why the 3 levels of governments are passing the responsibility of these mandates, onto the employers!…

    So the governments will not be held, accountable for anything related to costs or adverse effects, caused by COVID19!!!

  2. Yeah all these kids cooped up isolated depressed no exercise etc. Imagine the mental health issues they are going to have is the Government going to pay for all their counselling rehab etc. ?

  3. How long does it take to destroy, divide, rip everyone’s freedom away, and conquer an entire country? About 2 years.
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