‘Let That Sink In A Minute’: Ron Johnson Displays Alleged Bank Records Of Hunter Biden

On the Senate floor, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) displayed alleged business records of Hunter Biden.

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  1. But it’s ok democrats get away with everything, Pelosi has been doing insider trading for years, Biden has been cheating the American people for years 40 plus years! This is why I believe Biden had illegal help winning the election.

  2. Biden is President only because he was not legally placed in office, but only to try and clear up His Ukraine, Russia , China mess him and his son caused, hang them both for treason.

  3. America has allowed itself to be led down the garden path with the “Russian (fill the blank here x disinformation, meddling, etc.)” this narrative created the most convenient tool for the media and those who control it to get away with murder (or treason). Will it end though? No f-ing way!

  4. This crime family, needs removed this is criminal, if big tech didn't cover up , as well as the media this pos criminal wouldn't be in office , remove Biden now the people will not tolerate this crap from this government any more , get this criminal out of office now

  5. These idiots and the MSM are going to make it impossible to prosecute either of the Biden boys by releasing too much information to the point that it will be deemed it impossible for them to get a fair trial 🤦. Word of advice Ssshh until such time you've got them on the stand.

  6. “Alleged” 😂 its literally in black and white.. in front of them. Nothing matters until there is actually accountability. Until then they spit in your flag Ed and steal your money for their personal gain. Cheers 🍻

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