Let them Buy Teslas

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  1. I can't wait to buy an electrical vehicle, and brownout my neighbors every time I charge it. Does anyone believe the US has the spare electrical capacity to replace even a fraction of the energy provided by petroleum today? Clearly this has all been planned out by Brainiacs who don't think it will affect them.

  2. Don't worry Biden was already in route to make everything more expensive way before the conflict. Bragged about giving the elderly their biggest adjustment due to inflation at the start of the year and made sure the costs for insurance, property taxes, utilities, and basic needs like fuel and groceries has not just completely ate their raise but put them in a worse position than before. Everytime I get gas anymore I usually see a Biden sticker saying "I did that" pointing at the price and I cant help but laugh.

  3. Biden trying to shift blame to Russia for his regimes bullshit is peak democrat nonsense.
    Putin didn't raise gas prices in America, Biden did.
    The idea 'just buy electric", doesn't solve the issue either, because then power demand would be at least doubled, which the infrastructure can't handle.

  4. I like how Sargon says "dominance hierarchy" like he would name some sort of dark, ominous thing that is only present in Russia and reveals something about its mysterious, dangerous underbelly. In fact, of course there is a dominance hierarchy, they are everywhere, in UK, in the US, on the global scale, on the local scale, society, biology, etc. Isn't there a "dominance hierarchy" in your office even, Carl?

  5. The rich elites do not care about the "poor". They never cared. They only care about how much more money they can get. All without realizing. Their money is mostly digital and easy to just snuff away with the push of a button. All hackers have to do in deleting the rich and powerful. Don't steal their wealth. Delete it. Even if they have physical means of wealth. If you delete any trace of records or documents. They will panic far more than just stealing their money. After all. If you steal from them. The system will payback what they loss. If you delete the records of their wealth. The system cannot pay. Boom! They find out how powerless they are.

  6. Lmao all this propaganda from Russia how big and mighty they are is so funny. The Russian economy pre sanctions was about the size of The Netherlands and Belgium while having 6x more population. When you remove the gas export to the EU the economy is about the size of The Netherlands that has 17 million citizens. Russia is irrelevant for the American economy. I also hear people say well they will just go to China but the thing is that China does not pay the high gas prices the EU does and when China is the only buyer they will even lower what they want to pay. Also they have not the gas lines to China so they will need to be build and that will take years. The thing about their own payment system with China is a joke. The world economy runs on SWIFT it's like making your own internet and wanting to do world wide business. Not going to happen any time soon.

  7. 25:00 this is true. But i don't think putin could predict this would happend due to this conflict. The only reason why trust would break is if all the westerns company would meddle in the conflict. nobody could have predicted that when you all saw how they act in regards to china.
    But the petrodollar is dying, and it was THE ONLY THING that made the dollar not collapse. USA is the most in debt country. Is petrodollars dies, America dies with it.
    Last finnancial crisis was also caused by america who injected Worthless US citizen's house loans into financial product

  8. Thing is, you need oil just to make electricity……. Maintenance and the Supply chain make it impossible to run without oil.
    Whats that famous Chinese phrase for encouragement? 加油 (add oil)

  9. It's also because Gold is a rare material (and a usefull one)
    Sure we can create gold… but it cost more than you get. Same for trying to mine even more.

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