Let Them Drive Cake – A Rant

It’s electric. Boogy-woogy-woogy.




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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. I’ll be dead before I give up my I.C.E. vehicle. I live in the sticks and it gets to around minus 30 Celsius in winter. We all know they are shit in extreme cold, and having to find the few chargers not taken in my small nearby town isn’t how I plan on spending my time.

  2. I'm a truck driver so when the world finally ends I can't wait to drive the War Rig. That fucking rig from Death Race drive it right up Washington DCs pedophile asshole.

  3. My parent's are retired and picking up state pension in socialist sweden. They have to survive on less than 2000 dollars a month and gas price just hit 10 bucks per gallon over here. We're not even shocked anymore because the price has broken the record set previous years every year since the socialists decided they were "environmentalists" instead of socialists. Of course they can just get a loan and buy an EV for 20 000 usd right? I mean who wouldn't want to grant a loan to a bunch of geriatrics who soon won't be able to afford food thanks to the recordbreaking gas price.

  4. If the world continues on this down hill path i'll be feeding my SS the same way Christine was fed, except with neocons,commies, and other assorted maniacs. I'll make sure and save you some for your Firebird.

  5. I honestly hate this,the poor to lower mid class families suffer the most because surprise surprise,THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT JUST LIKE WE'RE ABOUT TO GET TO THE POINT OF NOT AFFORDING GAS!

    Plus no one can fucking tell me it's about a pollution bullshit,if it was really about pollution then they'd realize that car batteries are worse!

    Fucking hell I hate career politicians and liberals.

  6. Always remember to publicly shame any of your associates in real life that voted for this man. They don't get to slink away and shuffle off, make them see what their pride made them vote for and never let them forget

  7. I'll never forget my jaw dropping when Biden was illegally appointed president amid investigations of the obvious fraud being covered up by fake news media.
    It was like seeing a tidal wave 2 years out on the water. And now it's here. I'm tired of saying, "I told you so," to these sheep lefties. They will never learn. They're all like Peter Pan, and never grew up. Intentionally.
    These people are a sickness. A sickness on the whole of humanity. Worse than the black plague, spanish flu, covid, aids, etc. COMBINED. Will their evil ever know any bounds?

  8. Shit, first 10 seconds into the intro and I was hooked. Maybe they take Mad Max as an instructional film, like they did 1984?
    This is about control of the ability of Citizens to travel as they please, not love for the environment .

  9. I drive 500 miles to visit family one-way. I drive 350 miles, stop for 15 minutes to fill up my gas and empty my bladder, then drive another 150 miles.

    In my Tesla, I'd drive 350 miles. Park for 4+ hours or so somewhere on the side of the road, wait for my batteries to recharge, then take off again?… Eff that b.s. I got things to do.

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