Let’s debate the booster.

Written by Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage is a British politician, leader of The Brexit Party, broadcaster and political analyst.Farage began his career in 1982 as a commodities trader at the London Metal Exchange and ran his own metals brokerage firm after working at Credit Lyonnais Rouse and Drexel Burnham Lambert. He left a successful career to go into politics after the Conservative party signed the Maastricht Treaty, which advocated “ever closer union” between European nations.In June 2016, Farage was a leading figure in the campaign to leave the EU. This gained him the name “Mr Brexit” by the then candidate to the US presidency Donald J Trump whom he came to support at a Mississippi rally in 2016. Nigel Farage was one of the very few that predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential elections.He has provided political analysis for Fox News channel and is the host of LBC's The Nigel Farage Show.


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  1. Nigel, Nigel, you know what's going on but like most people taking this Experimental jab you're covering up for the corruption behind this, You know their lying and have been from the start and will continue to as long as the Sheeple who have been brainwashed to follow this…

  2. We need to understand the differences between B cell immunity and T cell immunity
    And also profit from these experimental jabs is shocking, never mind the masks etc
    No end until we wake up !!!

  3. Nigel I follow Doctor John Campbell on U Tube he tells the truth like you, millions of follow him he is unbiased and tells the truth,Take care,I don’t believe a word Johnson says.

  4. A few adverse reactions per million? Are you kidding? Check the yellow card scheme, VAERS & Eudra Vigilance. Do not take b00ster or any of these experimental bi0 weapons. Simple. Truth will out. Wait until 5 g switch on. 🥺

  5. After 10 weeks it hasn't lost its effectiveness, because what it does is weaken the immune system, so it's done what they want it to. Keep people ill keep the money rolling in, justify their silly drugs.

  6. I’ve had two jabs and a booster, that’s it for me now, no more, I’ll take my chances just as I have done year in year out, look after your body/immune system and it will be as effective against fighting coronavirus’s as any vaccine.

  7. I just can't understand why we are basically being pushed into having the jab's when it clearly doesn't work???? The only reason I can think of is 💰💰💰🤔…..
    ☝🏻 IT'S GOT TO BE the rich are making masses of money 💸💸 🙄

  8. The problem is politicians are not the right type of people to discuss these vaccines with the public – they are largely unqualified to do any role in fact, certainly lacking in medical capacity.

    The scientists we rave about and respect on one hand all say we should take these vaccines – but then you have to consider that these scientists are paid by the government…. and if I paid a scientist to do research, I could easily gather 'evidence' that indicates that the vaccines are unsafe. Its all down to what evidence is put forward and how it is interpreted, and thus you have scientists fulfilling a government agenda.

    All in all I think 2 vaccines are probably necessary to avoid people being hospitalised – I do believe they work in reducing hospital rates – but boosters are not going to do much if you have already had the vaccine OR you have had covid and survived.

  9. Apologies to George Soros but I didnt take the first two vaccines and I will not take a booster.
    In fact I wont take any type of vaccine at all now because we just dont know what lies have been used to promote it.

  10. I'd like you to use your platform to ask why in the UK, vaccines are the whole story. What about therapeutics like monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine, vitamin d, aspirin, etc.
    Are people left to die without using other interventions?
    Is GB News silence on this subject proof that big pharma has got to them?

  11. People need to learn that with the Jab, they are the test subjects. The treatment has never before been given to humans. The un-jabbed are the control group!

    There is a real divide between fact and fiction. Boris will present something as fact, but if you check the government website you'll find he's lacking in honesty. See this for what it is, humanity will face a devastating fight for existence. But, this is not the case presently. The real battle is with the current government and mainstream media.

    Unfortunately, the majority of the population could never believe they'd been miss informed on such a grand scale. Everything has been altered to fit the current crisis. The terms Pandemic, vaccine and antivaxxer have been redefined. The SAGE group members are behavioural scientist, psychologist and even a Communist! All the blanket coverage on all media to support the campaign of fear will still continue. The government has ploughed millions of pounds into advertising, to propagate this constant fear campaign.

    Wake up! If the death of yourself or family was imminent, you would not have to be sold on the idea of a treatment to save you. Grandparents, under no circumstances, would say, sacrifice my grandchildren, so I may live! This is the government and the world selling you a lie.

    There is a strong case for the reason ethnic minorities fell foul of the virus. The government know this, I and many others also know. Yet, the answers is never mentioned.

    As far back as March 2020 it was established which demographic was at greatest risk if death, 82 years and over. Relatively fit people are less likely to die, unless they have a compromised immune system. The percentage is the same as for the tragic few that died on the diamond princess in Japan 2020.

    The frenzy for censorship across all media is growing, and the victim is truth. Unless we all stand against this tyranny, and that's exactly what this is, we will be the masters of our own demise. Happy New Year to you all.

  12. Agree 100% Nigel. You are speaking well thought out ideas instead of like so many others believing everything they are told without questioning. Unlike you I decided from the start not to have the vaccine and as time goes on I believe that anti viral drugs are as you say, the answer. It is refreshing to hear positivity instead of gloom and doom for a change and honesty.


  13. What a strange set of comments! The questions are simple: If you have a booster, will you be safer? Will you be less likely to infect other people? Majority scientific opinion says that the answer to both questions is ‘yes’.

    So why hold back? You’d only have a reason to hold back if you thought that the majority of scientists are wrong, or if the benefits of the booster are so small that they can be ignored. If that’s what you think, let’s hear the evidence and the scientific arguments.

  14. Sadly, I don't agree that we couldn't have procured the vaccines early whilst members of The EU. We were sovereign just like the other members and could still have done our own thing.

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