Let’s Go Brandon! Establishment Morons Are Terrified of Memes: Keep it Up!

Let’s go brandon!:


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  1. I heard tons of people shouting “Let’s Go Brandon!” as they were trick-or-treating. Can’t wait for everyone to say it when they pray during Thanksgiving dinner or for people to write it down on their Christmas cards too. Aren’t the holidays great?

  2. I think I'm gonna start buying one of each of my favorite content creators ' Let's Go Brandon shirts and mount them in the spare bedroom, like throwback jerseys or something. And we should all thank The Zurk for Make Everything Trump Again. Genius move.

  3. This is obviously the wrong place, but I have an aunt who lives far away and who is a CNN head. She only listens to propaganda, so you can imagine the stimulating conversations we have. Anyway, because "covid" has now been "cured" in her imaginary world she has decided to pay me a visit because it is finally safe. The woman has gone two years without hugging her grandkids, and is utterly insane.
    Anyway, and I had forgotten all about it, since the Stalinists have started talking about global warmage again instead of "covid", so has my aunt. During the last run of global warmage under Obama was when I originally stopped trying seriously to talk to her, so I started trolling her over the phone instead. She would mention that there had been a lot of rain where I live, and is the river flooding and all of that sort of stuff. So I just made up nonsense like how I worry about how my mom will adjust to using stilts while going to the store, aged 72, because of the rising global warmage and shit. I even staged a photo of myself on stilts to demonstrate to my aunt how prepared I was for a disastrous rise in sea level due to imaginary global warmage.
    Anyway, just got off the phone with her and she will apparently arrive on Friday. Have absolutely no idea how I am going to explain the complete absence of a rising sea level anywhere in the area after all my clever trolling. I do have the stilts but I haven't practiced using them at all. I'll never be able to fool her with them, so this should be one long-ass weekend…

  4. these same IQ deficit morons said they would love to punch out Trump and or his supporters. Madonna verbally voicing that she has thought about blowing up the white house. That's o.k. yet just saying "fuck Joe Biden" is dangerous???? Well, Fuck Joe Biden, and fuck everyone who voted for him, and fuck everyone who botched the election!!!!!

  5. "Let´s Go Brandon" is originally an MSM -lie which no one can deny, as it is everywhere for everyone to see, or rather hear. Nothing can explain it away, it can´t be hidden, censored… With those few words, everything that MSM is about, became flesh, for everyone.

  6. Let us go then, Brandon, you and I,

    When the evening is spread out against the sky

    Like a patient etherized upon a table;

    Let us go, Brandon, through certain half-deserted streets,

    The muttering retreats

    Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels

    And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells:

    Streets that follow like a tedious argument

    Of insidious intent

    To lead you to an overwhelming question …

    Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”

    Let us go, Brandon, and make our visit.

    In the room the women come and go

    Talking of Michelangelo…

    (from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

    by T. S. Eliot)

  7. I think you just hit an a solution. If every democrat/liberal/socialist/marxist had a tazer stuck to their scrotum and activated every few seconds then maybe that part of their brain that actually thinks intelligently would force itself past the brainwashing and take over to make the shocking stop. Then when they wake up to stop the pain they would be free to think like they are suppose to be able to. Of course you would have to do it to all at the same time or their fellow zombies would rush to their aid and foil the cure.

    So many democrats/liberals/socialists/marxists, so few tazers.

  8. Memetics have natural selection choosing for the most fit memes, forced memes do not. As the far-left are centralised and pro-establishment, they do not have the capacity for organic memes, as organic memes won't come from CNN.

  9. They flip out so much because we give it attention. Like children telling stories and throwing tantrums. It's simple, juvenile gaslighting. Don't talk about it much. Just laugh at them and call them crazy loons, like we used to do, baby… 🙃

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