Let’s Go Brandon! Joe Bidens’ PATHETIC State of the Union Delay Hail Mary

March 1st is weeks later than any other SOTU.

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  1. Think it might be his farewell speech? About how he's about to step down due to…reasons? And this is so he can have a "seamless" transfer of power to Harris and Pelosi will move up to VP.

  2. Trump signed an executive order for a national state of emergency, this means FEMA is in control of the USA. This is why LGB is on a movie set and not in the white house. He is not the president, the covert doppelganger government (FEMA) are in control and with that the Bill of Rights and Constitution are suspended. William Cooper explains it better than I could ever do. Read Behold a Pale White Horse.

    'Chapter 6 "H.R. 4079 and FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency" Summary and Analysis

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a governmental organization, which ostensibly seeks to respond to national emergencies by providing material and technical assistance to local and State governmental organizations. Cooper enumerates several Presidential Executive Orders that relate to FEMA and its power; he then alleges that the true purpose of FEMA is to assume the complete control of the national government at a moment's notice. FEMA is so constituted that if the President of the United States declares a state of national emergency, FEMA is de facto in control of all governmental resources. The short, initial section of the chapter is a transcription of an audio tape that Cooper recorded c. 1990; as such, the text is somewhat choppy and the details are…'

  3. I did not have a job two weeks after Obama came into office along with this let's go Brandon fuckboy!
    Trump was elected in the office by us common people I got a better job with a way better pay rates and I'm still working in the same job.
    Biden didn't do that!

  4. FLORIDIAN here. We are culturally different from the rest of the US. Since we are not a literary/theater center it is not expressed and I can't point to slogans I've heard here. (CSI: Miami was made in Hollywood and imagined such features of Florida as security cameras in strip clubs so the police or whoever had video records of a patrons getting a lap dance in one episode. In another they checked the gun registration records.)

    Styx should be interested: We have a strange death-acceptance culture. I guess it's because 1/4 of our population is people who are, as Homer Simpson put it, "running out the clock in Florida". We can't live in comforting denial that people die. So we accepted the Delta Surge which ran for 2 months and at its peak killed 2400/week. (Note to Stephen King. It was not 1200/day.)

    Omicron is knocking off Floridians now at 32/week. As our fellow Floridian, Donald Trump said, we can live with that.

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