Let’s ignore the nonsense thrown at us daily

We are cleverer than ‘they’ think. We know what is what. We don’t need our universe turned upside down. We mustn’t lose the plot.

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Written by Richard Vobes


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  1. Well said , when did people become sheep ? That they follow there leader's blindly off the edge of the cliff without stopping to check what the outcome will be . We live in a world today where black has become white and white black ( nothing to do with race or skin colour) we have certainly taken a wrong turn somewhere . It's time for people to have there say and stand together . Only then will things start to change.

  2. Great videos, I've been mostly housebound last 5 years major accident and severe brain damage. With a bit of more time to watch and think what's happening and trying to convince myself its not my brain damage the world has gone crazy. From climate lies about polar bears and Walrus suicide by Sir Attenboruogh, to electric just happens and everyone go electric the UK Grid would need to be 6 times larger and every home rewired to support charging. Im a 55 yr old man last time I looked and totally baffled how everyone including the church can support you can change gender every 5 mins and we should pay respect, I kindly hobble past and look out for hurricanes and tornados. Ive subscribed and hope to learn and enjoy a common sense look at the world. (sorry for poor grammar, but I tried)

  3. Eating meat hasn't been an issue until 8 billion humans need to be fed. The problem is there is too many of us. I have no answers except population should have been kept in check a long time ago, we are the makers of our own demise. Gas and oil is not renewable, well it would take millions of years for gas and oil to be come back, I think everyone agrees with that. There will never be coal again as special circumstances gave us coal as when trees arrived there wasn't the fungus, bacteria and moulds to break it down, so trees fell, became buried as they were and became coal. Even if we don't use oil for energy, we still need it to make all the things that make us energy using other means. How soon will things like oil and gas run out? Not sure we have an honest answer from anyone, but one day humans are going to find they no longer have these resources. Something has to snap, and the elites will make sure it isn't them of course, and they are already planning their escape for them or their children or grandchildren, why else try and build rockets and talk about building moon bases or getting to Mars, its not exploration these elites seek, its a safety net.

  4. I've got no problem with coal but the dangers of deep coalmining is to dangerous … open cast mines great then it can be filled in with water to make much needed water…. fracking inland is dangerous as uk has far far to many deep coalmines to feack we look like Swiss cheese underneath and 16million gallons of water to frack one well is crazy…. out at sea not so bad but even in Japan they found out about collapsing oil wells at sea, with a Stunami …..
    Any how yes farming and farmers should be given help they feed the nation and they knew this in the second world war… why have they forgotten the history???

  5. Cows are bad solar panels are good! Yes we have. They are using net zero as an excuse to take our rights away from us. It's a con and a power/wealth grab. Ignore it stop watching the TV, start reading and be free.

  6. Yes Richard, there has been 'a force' at work for quite sometime and more and more people are feeling it.

    It is slightly troubling that as we turn away from religion the world is becoming more and more twisted

    I think this applies to all religions, not just Christian and there is a clear agenda to create conflict between groups or cultures.

  7. Dr. Jordan Peterson says that we live in the epidemic of psychosis. And he is absolutely right. It is the most dangerous thing for humankind, which can have catastrophic consequences. People as a species are very capable to deal with any technical problem, but they struggle with herd mentality, old memes, fake prophets and mass psychosis.

  8. You say that you, I presume meaning 'everyone', is accepting enforced reshaping of our way of life?
    Well, that is simple. There is no choice here.

    People are essentially a farmed, innoculated workforce with a liberal set of permissions, given by our owners, to roam freely. The food we eat is produced on an industrial scale and provided to us. The information we consume is the same.

    The individual decision making process is indeed a free one. but the information upon which people make decisions and construct their world view is not; it is cultivated and delivered to bring about a specific goal.

    The political process is also controlled; both main parties have fundamentally the same policies that were agreed at an international level, far away from the influence and opposition of voters. Voting is now a futule act.

    Why, at a time of high inflation and food shortages, would a government (Dutch) seek to shut down over 3000 meat and dairy producing farms? Why? They are destroying the ability of private farm operators to produce food, and the population don't even know it. It is not widely reported. The media are owned by the same people pushing these agendas.
    The fundamental fact is, people believe that they are free, when they themselves are farmed animals, nothing more. The ability to dream and disagree will not change anything, the facts remain. You have no choice when you believe that you do.

  9. The only thing the masses are guilty of is using the system that was created for us by the very people who now wish to take this away for themselves. The world the elite wish to create is for them and for them alone.

  10. Hi
    Just one part. The forest fires getting more regular and bigger . I was talking to someone I know who works in forestry in one of the counties effected by this he told me the main reason for the fires now is because they aren't allowed to clear the fire breaks of all the dead fall from the trees which become very very dry and easily catch fire. They don't clear them so the small animals can use them safely to travel. I'd think they'd be safer if the breaks were cleared. THEY ARE MAKING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY OUT OF CLIMATE CHANGE and I believe that's all they care about.

  11. The nitty gritty is who is doing all this? And why? People need to stop believing. things that don’t make sense, For example even with all the livestock in the world Methane is 17 parts per BILLION. Of the atmosphere. Eminent scientists say these levels are totally insignificant.
    However this just shows how the CO2 has also been exaggerated and so they are trying it on with other,less significant. Issues.

  12. Totally agree with what you have said here, people need to get off their knees and start fighting back these last few years have been embarrassing to watch quite frankly! There is nothing wrong with saying NO I will not go along with this madness any longer! I will not be told what to think, like or do and never will.

  13. The tail is wagging the dog in this country, and its going to take a very brave man to stop it. Common sense views like yours are drowned out by ill-educated lefty woke fanatics with a big voice.

  14. I share your pain, Richard. A few years ago we were being told that Australia's Great Barrier Reef was dieing because of the "Climate Crisis", and yet today when I checked this is what the Oz government says: The Great Barrier Reef is not fine and nor is it dying; truth is inbetween. Not convince!?!?!?

  15. I laughed out loud whilst listening to this, not to ridicule what Richard is saying, but out of relief! I could not agree more with the views and sentiments so clearly expressed! It's so good to know you are not alone in thinking this way.

  16. Richard, these are my laughable favourites. Men can become pregnant. The Queen was racist. Churchill was a racist. Maths is racist. Only white folk can be racist! Taking the dam knee at football. Hate speech. Canada killing people cos urm reasons. Killer robots armed with explosives. Ukraine has no nazis. Biden in the US. Wokeism. Cancel culture. Shutting down 3000 dutch farms. And we then have the WEF. There's even more and that's the TERRIFYING part. Literally WTF to every single one mentioned. I just shake my head and roll my eyes.

  17. Yes, we are still assuming that our governments have our best interests at heart; they do not. They are proponents of, or puppets of, a philosophy for global dominance and tyranny. They see themselves as the new lords of the world in which we will be slaves and of no importance except to serve their ends.

  18. I have tried to challenge it many times, I put on facebook that I am in my late sixties and when I was at school, aged 10-11 we learned about atmospheric sciences, we learned about agriculture etc., the facts were that without C02 we could not live, it is a life giving gas, almost everything is carbon, hence why they put a heater in a greenhouse to make plants grow faster and stronger, however, I was charged with spreading 'misinformation' and banned for a while

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