Lex Fridman statement on the corruption of the International Olympic Committee

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Travis Stevens is the 2016 Olympic Judo silver medalist and BJJ black belt.

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Written by Lex Clips


  1. I think they don't like athletes to have any kind of voice. Like captured slave warriors, performing for the masses making money for the emperors then locked away til the next show.

  2. The IOC shouldn’t be allowed to own history. If anything should belong to all the people on the planet, it’s the sport of amateurs who bring us all together with their spirit and commitment to excellence.

  3. On my channel, my subscribers were awaiting Olympic highlights, but I was not allowed to use their footage. They are copyright savages. It’s so bad. Your greatest moments as a judoka are locked up in a vault. Fuck that.

  4. Love you Lex. You’re a great man and I aspire to have your success and conviction to speak your mind for what’s right even if it’s not popular.