Lex Fridman’s Analysis of Putin and Ukraine

Taken from JRE #1824 w/Lex Fridman:

Written by PowerfulJRE


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  1. These east west factions have a lot to do with russian TV being broadcast into Eastern Ukraine. It's actually one powerful way they drive these divisions.
    It's hard for the west to get their head around…the idea that Russians think state tv is somehow more honest.

  2. “Zelensky united a previous divided country.” Is he referring to the division caused by the coup staged by nato to depose a democratically elected president in 2014? If we’re being honest, Putin has only tried to match US aggression. But let’s keep avoiding the truth

  3. Joe. For you to say that “The Batman” is the greatest Batman movie ever is fucking ridiculous.💁

    There is no doubt in the most knowledgeable people opinion that “The Dark Knight”…….. is…… without a doubt…….. the BEST- Batman. And ………anything else is nonsense. Congratulations. 😳

  4. Whatever the western Democracy Lex is referring to is, it's not the end all be all good. Hard to look at this as a deep analysis when everything is boiled down to "Democracy good" and that's why Russia invaded. It's like that tired narrative every outlet was pushing that 911 happened because they hated Democracy and freedom.

  5. I'm such a fan of Lex. He seems to be one of the most genuine people. I get the same feeling from Jordan Peterson, which, in today's environment, I care a lot more about believing someone believes what they are saying more than agreeing with what they say.

  6. When you say “This Politician got 70% at the pool”, clearly meaning that he’s beloved and cherished by the majority of the population, look also at how many people voted. Ukraine in 2019 has a voting population of more or less 30ml ppl, of which just 18.5ml ppl voted, of which at second turn, 70% voted for Zelensky (roughly 13.5ml ppl). Now consider that the opposition where prevented to compete (that can explain why so few went to vote) and then ask yourself if now the 70% you quoted has the same weight it had before.

  7. Everyone engages in Propaganda, I tend to lean on the side that does not kill reporters. That is usually a symptom that gives away any credibility to any information that is being pushed.

  8. Strange, how you are praising Putin…well Castro was in power for longest time too. Would you praise him as well? Staying in power for long time – it’s just a dictator’s thing. Nothing else.

  9. The fact that he mentions nothing about NATO going against their agreement and pushing east and the neo Nazis that George Soros funded to infiltrate the police and army in Ukraine tells me he is completely educated about it. And then the fact that America puts bio labs on Russians doorstep was the icing on the cake. Imagine if Mexico put bio labs on American boarders🤔

  10. At this point Joe has just to invite that CIA guy who talks a lot and says nothing. It will be absolutely the same. Get Gonzalo Lira, or Alex Christoforu or Alexander Mercouris. Hell, just get Patrick Lancaster he was there for the last 8 years. Anne Laure Bonnel (French War reporter), Adrien Boquet (Retired French Army who was there lately), Eva Bartlett a canadian war reporter, Scot Ritter,…there are people who actually know what they are talking about.

  11. This is like if Quebec wanted to (and has, look it up) separate from Canada and then the US decides to help Quebec by “liberating” them from Canada by force. Except both our countries are (slightly) more civilized than that.

  12. The invasion was not a geopolitical miscalculation. On the contrary, it was about the smartest thing he could do given the state of western aggression. However, the strategic planning of the invasion as well as the early tactical conduct of the Russian army left a lot to be desired.

  13. Lex: Everything about Zelensky in the news is true and not propaganda and he is uniting his people…
    Also Lex: Bob Lazar is a phoney and was discredited because…. well i duno.. i heard he has his demons or something.

    Lex has become an NPC.

  14. Sounds like this Lex guy is a victim of Western propaganda. Funny he thinks both Ukrainians and Russians are victims of propaganda while he himself is a victim and active participant and agent of Western propaganda

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