Liberal Comedy Shows Are DYING, Get Woke Go Broke, Orange Man Bad DOESNT SELL

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  1. It's not just normal media. It's not just comedy. It's shit like teen magazines. That's where it's really starting. The stuff I hear my young sisters say is mind blowing. It's crap they read in fashion magazines. It's everywhere. It's pervasive. I hope people really are standing against it. It would give me hope for humanity.

  2. I love that our politics have tracked throughout the years. I recognized the insanity of the left a little sooner and accepted trump a good bit before you, but it’s been great watching you grow into the YouTuber you. It also helps that your milk toast fence sitting opinions validate my sanity throughout all the liberal gaslighting.

  3. Even my grandmother with late stage alzheimer's gets deja vu when John oliver comes on. She so confused who she wants to vote for and then when oliver comes on and she see his demeanor she immediately feels the urge to vote for Trump.

  4. All these people live on the coasts. They are the elites, who call the average person deplorable, and think they're better, smarter, and funnier. I wouldn't be surprised if more then 50% of them were undiagnosed narcissists.

  5. Comedy isnt about humour any more, it has become propaganda to divert the masses from realising the liberal establishment are a bunch of self serving a-holes.

  6. The first person to laugh at a funny joke about DJT would be DJT himself. The left can't take a joke or make a joke, they can't meme and they cannot, under any circumstances, laugh at themselves. Any person with a brain knows it is an important indicator of the humanity and humility of a person if they can can laugh at themselves.

  7. I think the most I had enjoyed watching The Daily Show since Trevor Noah was on election night 2016. They all seemed to be in shock and had no jokes or humor at all planned for the possibility of Trump winning. I would have at least kept the show light hearted and joked about celebrating my job security or something like that and then drop the balloons anyway, but the way they took it so serious and somberly told me that the show's main goal was no longer comedy. Such a shame.

    I still like some of John Oliver's shows when he picks more neutral topics like payday loans etc. I wish there was a show about those types of societal issues that avoids party lines or promises to mock both parties an equal amount if it does.

  8. I used to work on a late-night talk show for TBS and saw firsthand how it’s going political and SJW ruined it. The resulting toxicity fulminating within the production staff even made working in the show a chore.

    It was so bad that they changed format and went for an immensely boring one-on-one format that was even LESS funny than it was before it changed.

  9. Anyone else disturbed by the casual 'knew when to laugh!'. Who goes to a comedy show and needs the comedian if they have any talent to tell them 'oh that was the funny part.'

  10. The problem with today's comedians Is that they have been hijacked by far left viewers. These comedians can't make jokes giving trump credit where it's due.

  11. It happened under Obama. Remember comedians were not allowed to make fun of the Kenyan God in fears of being called RAYYYYCIST.

    Remember how SNL made fun of Obama? By making him look as cool as they thought he was.

  12. That panic that they may think you have a "wrong" opinion shows how afraid you are of them, and how desperate you are.
    Sad and pathetic. The daily show died when John left, Simple as that.

  13. Don’t know much but I do know The
    worst thing about John Oliver is that his delivery is evidence that John Oliver is John Oliver’s biggest fan…his unfunny rants pass off opinion as fact and kernels of truth buttered with lies. He speaks so emphatically and quickly—and somewhat poetically—that one may not think to fact check. Never let truth get in the way of a good story I suppose. Not funny.
    And finally, Trevor Noah=Not Funny
    Samantha Bee…who cares.

  14. Can I just be on your show and we talk about The Simpsons? I love your references. I saw a video recently when you referenced Goku doing the Spirit Bomb and I was floored when your guests didn't know what you were talking about.

  15. Trump is funnier then most of the comments if they pulled the stick out there ass and used some of his lines and be honest, things would be way happier and funny.