Liberal Economist Touts ‘Biden Boom’ Online | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar take a look at liberal economist Paul Krugman’s claim that America is seeing a Biden boom rather than inflation and recession

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  1. We need regular people in office. Our wealthy elite “leaders” are totally out of touch with the 99%. Who else is tired of taxation without representation?

  2. I love you guys! You are the only ones who get it ! You are not some marketing gimmick, or a quick play on words. I am a baby boomer and have seen the strategic dismantling of a remarkable economy for over 50 years now and the elite have almost finished their creation, and that was to take us back to a feudal state where the few kings rule over their subjects who live and toil in their meager existence.

  3. We’re supposedly operating under a Keynesian-ish Modern Monetary system. If I understand that right, fighting inflation is done by destroying the money supply. That doesn’t only have to be done by the central bank; we could greatly increase taxes (say… on rich people who have wealth sitting around in inflated asset prices). There are ways we could pull money out of the economy without forcing wages to go down.

  4. So…'s so good it's bad? lol. These people are considered experts, professionals, and leaders or thought? My 5th grade drop out 43 year old stoner friend at the skate park is way more in tune than this guy.

  5. Totally agree
    Narcissist Psychopaths are in control of the economy it's not rocket science
    Let's keep the so called educated people who are oligarchy puppets in their jobs

  6. Gas is affordable.
    Inflation isn't that bad.
    The economy is booming.
    Joe Biden is mentally fit.
    Climate change is real.
    Racism is melting the Ice Caps.
    C19 occured naturally in batsoup.
    Trust the $CIENCE.
    Trust Dr. Fauci.
    Trust Pfizer.
    Don't ask questions.
    The election wasn't Stolen.
    Your Vote counts.
    Your data is secure.
    Only Government should own guns.
    Support the CIA Proxy WAR.
    Pay your taxes.
    Infanticide is contraception.
    Castrate your children.
    Drink high fructose corn syrup.
    Watch Netflix.
    Be afraid.

  7. New word: Jobette — (def.) A paid position of regular employment that does not pay well enough to meet a persons basic necessities. Deriving from the word JOB. (Synonym) Underemployment; (Antonym) Well-compensated.

  8. regardless of the 'sociopaths' biden's deals include: covid rescue .. infrastructure .. computer chips .. gun control .. supreme court pick .. 70 federal judges .. 3.2% unemployment .. 9 million jobs .. health care for 5 million .. stopped 20 year war … oil reserve .. nato & ukraine .. paris accords .. iran nukes .. and soon the climate/tax/drug cost bill .. when you add this all up it amounts to something especially with slim to no majorities in congress but you go out of your way to trash him with glee & vitriol .. what exactly is your beef ???

  9. The Nobel price became a certified meme after Obama got the Nobel peace price and then proceeded to bomb seven countries and remained in multiple wars during every single day of his two terms.

  10. This personal story provides even more evidence that we're in a recession. I was at a store the other day, and in one section they were selling dictionaries. But they were $39.95, so instead of buying it I just looked up the word recession right there, and it said, "a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters."

  11. Would it be nice to see Article 5 of Constitution be able to be invoke it's close of becoming a reality if chosen. Take power from the government and give it to the people how can one who thinks logically not agree with that

  12. These guys are sophists. THEY are the ones starting with a conclusion “the economy is bad” and then interpreting the data to fit THEIR narrative. Their teenager-level angst, breathless doomsaying is exhausting to listen to.

  13. Brandon’s economy is the Boomiest ever. Your pain is all a delusion. All of us scrubs are too dumb to see how lucky we are to live in such wonderful boomy times.

    Inflation has absolutely nothing at all to do with the fact that over the past year 40% of the dollars in circulation were printed.

    Let’s go Brandon!

  14. Krugman is the idiot who said the whole world preparing for a fake alien invasion would've solved the Great Recession. I truly believe the dumbest people in this day and age are those in academia.

  15. TRUMP got the Dow to 20k and then to 30k before he left office in 4 years. The 50% growth in the primary indicator of the Stockmarket health. Biden went from 30k to 32k in 2 years. BIDEN has been an abject FAILURE.

  16. Again, PLEASE discuss how multi billion dollar companies like mine are eliminating all base pay for the whole company, while spending hundreds of millions on new buildings and upper management's bonuses! PLEASE behave like you care about workers right instead of just paying lipservice

  17. Gotta love how Krystal pretends to know more about economics than a Nobel Laureate in Economics. 🙄 Yes, I have DEEP respect for avowed social democrat Paul Krugman and I am NOT ashamed to admit it. How about you read one of his books (Arguing With Zombies, perhaps) before jumping to conclusions regarding his grasp of economic theory?

  18. "Elite economists like Paul Krugman." Oh, so you despise academia now, do you? What's next, "elite climate scientists like Michael E. Mann" (a good friend of Krugman's and the co-author of the Hockey Stick graph)? Honestly this is just ridiculous, you all should be ashamed of yourselves. If you hate college education and specialization, just say so. At least right-wingers are open and honest about it.

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