Liberal Media Calls For “Covid Amnesty” Says We Should Forgive The Lockdowns And Vaccine Mandates

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  1. Because we did not know better. Total lie. I knew better. I watched shows like the IRL Tim puts out. There was an honest view. The truth is most people were stuck in fear mode or used Covid as an excuse to be power mongers.

  2. I believe President Trump said at a rally not too long ago when speaking of the tyrants that he had quietly brought back the option of firing squads at the end of his first term.

  3. What sucks is they won’t do anything even if they do inquiries. It’s all a joke to them, your a joke to them. So laugh it up. Keep signing and dancing for your government overlords.

  4. I would be much more willing to forgive if the whole thing wasn't such a big obvious lie. However it was bullcrap from the start and these people swore up and down that they were 100% correct about everything and silenced anybody who said otherwise. Screw them they will never be forgiven. They will never walk down the street in their own neighborhood without a bunch of armed goons having to protect them. They will never feel safe in the world that they themselves have created. We will make sure of that

  5. No forgiveness for the leaders who intentionally caused the people's suffering so they could seize power.

    They need accountability for causing record inflation and mass loss of livelihood. Eject them from power, improson them for the crimes against humanity they perpetrated.

    Unfortunately I don't think the repercussions will be so orderly and nice. They started this chain of events. Heaven help these people.

  6. I lost close to everything I worked towards ever since I got out of high-school during the lockdowns: my career, my job, my health, my finances, my studies…
    And these people just want me to forgive them? Pretend it didn't happen?
    Yeah… No

  7. Forgiveness does not equal no consequences. Even if there is forgiveness the consequences should not be erased because the consequences of their bad decisions can not be erased either.

  8. Were suppose to forget about the on going damage these people brought onto the nation? Ahhhh NO! As fare as repercussions I can't say what is applicable and to whom. I do know the people responsible for all this wont pay anywhere near the lose, or misery as the public did. IF their held responsible at all.

  9. They are only saying this in a mocking way. It’s not like we didn’t already sacrifice thousands of family businesses to let wal mart and Amazon monopolize the market for the rest of time.

  10. They mocked us. Called us sub-human, domestic terrorists, extremists. They threatened us. Threatened our families. Punished us for not complying. They tore our lives apart. And they seriously think they can just say "sorry" and we'll just forgive them? Go to hell.

  11. Everything the author says "we didnt know in the beginning", WE DID KNOW. Conservatives were slammed for saying cloth masks didnt work and social distancing didnt make a difference. So no, I do not forgive you for calling me names, screaming that I will kill your grandma, and received hate from other humans for merely living my life.

  12. I thought china said they had no covid 2 years or year ago, though they had it under control… smh… hahahhaa give me a fucking break covid lock downs still ?yea ok , straight athoratrainism not the couff

  13. This is quite comical…
    Rino's supported these lock downs as much as Dems did.
    They at best ,will go after a few people to act like they did something..

  14. Those that tried to show the truth about masks as other type of work like auto painters or coal miners who don’t skip the safety meetings know how it works were SILENTLY banned and or up to investigated by DOJ for misinformation. While being correct and some but not all in charge knew that. The odds all the experts lied to those making decisions. Come on now.

  15. Nope. Nope. Nope. They wanted the power, they get the responsibility. They used it unwisely, they get the worst consequences.

    Round every one of them up. My family has suffered enough.

  16. I really, really hope that these people slowly (quickly) die off. Either by Social Darwinism or ideological shift. I don't care. I prefer the peaceful way but, its fairly obvious to everyone at this point that these people have chosen violence. Live and let live is seeming like a pipe-dream to me now.

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