Liberal Tiers: The 2024 Democrat Presidential Candidate Tier List

00:00 NO ONE Wants Biden To Run
02:08 “Repeat the Line”
04:53 Tier List Start / Elizabeth Warren & Roy Cooper
6:44 Gavin Newsom / Stacey Abrams / Sherrod Brown
9:11 Hillary Clinton
11:10 Michelle Obama / Gretchen Whitmer
13:03 Bernie Sanders / AOC
15:14 Speed Round!!
16:05 “Pothole Pete”
17:40 Kamala Harris
19:21 ??????

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  1. Democrats to put a glass of water up for president and it would win. The election fraud is too deep and Democrats are headed towards a super majority. Goodbye America as we know it comrades.

  2. Don't forget, the media kept saying over and over how biden's the only one who can defeat trump. And looking at biden's ratings, will the media face any criticism for this?

    The answer is: of course not! 🤣

  3. I love when Biden speaks, it’s such a train wreck, this is what happens when we let blacks decide who the president is, my dad is half black and he was retarded enough to vote for Biden, but that’s because he believes the mainstream media, yeah he’s not smart

  4. "Lyin' Elizabeth Warren goes in the F Tier". You have to remember this is the DEMOCRATIC primary we're talking about, where everything is upside down. Lying would put Lyawatha in the top tier. Also, I thought Massachusetts law allows a senator to run for reelection and also president if the primary is held at different times. Not sure though.

  5. We need warnings on your videos when you are going to show pictures of Hilliary Clinton. He face and personality initiates nausea . Please put a bag over her head in future videos?

  6. While I know that Tulsi Gabbard and the likes wouldn’t work… would it happen that a large amount of RINOs and Neo-libs split off from their own parties to try and create a party that the splits the vote entirely?

  7. The reason Mitch Landrieu’s on anyone’s list’s cause he was a useful idiot for the DNC’s attack on confederate monuments. He was propped up by the post-reality activists as representative of a new, more enlightened southerner that was conscious of the racism that supposedly ran rampant throughout all of southern society during the time of our Civil war!

  8. The best chance they honestly stand any chance is Joe Manchin / Synema. That would piss of the leftists though, but may win independent voters. But neither would stay Democrats or beat a Trump/ DeSantis ticket.

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