Liberals CRACK As Dave Chapelle UNLEASHES On Woke Left In New Comedy Special! Culture War SHIFT!


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  1. If you've read The Lost Symbol book, it is actually quite different in the portrayal of the Class in question and I recommend you give the book a read to get a better context of Dan Brown's intent.

    SPOILER ALERT! ⚠️ – It's a blast! 😉

    I guess they were were trying to aim for relevancy of current year topics with all the subtlety of a Surgeon with a Bread knife. 😏

    However, don't be surprised to know that most of the iconic symbols we've come across at some point in the past have thematic origins from Ancient Historical Cultures all over the World from the "Peace" symbol to the "Swastika".

    But leave it to the fools of the present to irresponsibly misspoke for the truths of the past. 🤦

  2. I'm not an American. Unreal that they live in LALALA Land, thinking there will not be a Blow Back. It's coming guys, it's coming.

  3. Dave Chappelle will always be known as a warrior that wasn't scared to change his content so he could save his career. The hacks that comply so they don't get cancelled, will always be remembered as hacks.

  4. Show clips of Dave.. I was waiting to see but you didn’t. False advertisement in my opinion. It would be better for you to always show clips of who you are talking about.

  5. Referring to the promo in this vid examining Kareem’s critical take on Kyrie and others rejecting the jab mandate.
    Kareem was likely the best center to ever play the game, review the tape. With that said, he’s a fool off the court. After 20 years in the league he was broke because he listened to his financial experts. He still hasn’t learned his lesson from that experience and continues to blindly accept the propped up experts at his own demise.

  6. The left can't meme, and it isn't their fault. Humor is based on reality and truth, that is what makes it relatable, and the left have departed from the whole idea of reality and truth.

  7. When a comedian hurts my feelings, it’s a good opportunity for a little self-examination.
    It’s often a case of, “That was harsh, but he’s not wrong . . .”

  8. I find it really funny that I'm looked at as a bad guy now. My mom and one of my sisters where stating I am "right wing" when all I said was basically the talking points of liberals 10 years ago. I don't have any extreme views, I really don't. But if I don't get in line, I'm somehow a bad person.

    I haven't changed, I just don't watch TV and try to avoid talking about politics. I really don't think that's bad.