Liberals DEFECT To Join Trump MAGA Train, Leftists REFUSE To Believe It

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  1. Republicans are the party of war though! Democrats oppose it! We only escalated and expanded the wars under Obama because of Bush! Bush made Obama do it! All of the bad during Obamas presidency was Bushs fault, all of the food was Obama! Bush ordered the drone strikes of US citizens without trial, Bush droned Doctors Without Borders!

  2. I know this is true! I’m one of them, along with my sister, husband, son, and numerous friends and family. The riots have changed a lot of people’s minds. The other biggest issue is Biden’s plan to send the housing projects to my neighborhood and all suburban areas. There is a reason I don’t live in the city!

  3. Fake News. You know its fake when Tim is resorting to using Eric Weinstein as a source lmfao. This may very well be Tim's most desperate video yet. You can hear it in his voice. He even covered all the liberals making fun of his bullshit. Uses his friend he's been grooming for grifting as an example of a "liberal turned MAGA", used an anonymous conversation the back up his propaganda. People, this is the Intellectual Dark Web pipeline. Tim and Weinstein are apart of it. Weinstein is known for rallying his fans to pretend to be liberals….kinda like Tim lol.

  4. It is the height of arrogance for all of these leftists to believe that all of these testimonials are made up.
    The arrogant elite never change.

  5. didnt vote trump in 2016…100% pro-trump in 2020. 1/2 because of him, and 1/2 because of what democrat leaders have done this year.

  6. Wanna hear my example?
    I was devastated and angry when Trump won. I used to remain online for longer hour venting my anger. I religiously followed Stephen Colbert, Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Oliver, Keith Olbermann,tyt and ofcourse MSM. I used to like their video without even watching.At the same time, I used to dislike every Ben Shapiro or other non-left video that comes in my feed without even watching them. Based on the content I was consuming, I thought the entire internet was against Trump. I did this for more than a year.

    How I became redpilled: Somehow I started watching Rogan's videos. Throught him, I cane to know about Tim Pool, Jordan Peterson, Weinsteins( Brett and Eric, not Harvey). The redpilling wasn't abrupt. It took years and stages of denial to come to the realization that my side is also full of shit.

  7. I'm from the UK and our left wing party (Labour) got battered in our elections in December. Hopefully the Democrats will take a similar beating!

  8. there is no alternative to trump except anarchy in your face or behind the scenes. the democrats are in league with somthing very dark!

  9. the dems want to stay in Afghanistan because under Obama they and the deepstate got control of the poppy fields. all afgahnistan was was a another opium war!

  10. So many of the replies to that thread were hardcore progressives in denial, insisting that it couldn't be the case just because it didn't fit their preferred narrative

  11. What happened to Steve King should not have been done, that was an outright Leftist move in the Republican Party. But you're ok with it? Guess that Leftist thinking hasn't been removed from you.

  12. if a city goes to sh!t, the LEFT will allow it, almost encourage it. if it gets too far out of control, which it always does and will, they blame trump for not stepping in to help. when the LEFT eventually asks trump for help and he steps in, the LEFT will complain that he's being too heavy handed and demand he has the feds pull out. the cycle will go on and on. they don't know what they want with the exception of complete power and control, no matter how they get it. f#ck the LEFT

  13. Donald Trump isn't even a real conservative. This should come as no shock. The average liberal has nothing in common with the modern Democrat party.

  14. I have been a Democrat for 40 yrs and will be voting Trump this election. Sat the last one out cause I couldn't support either one. I'm also writing in Gilligan for everyone else. I have lost confidence in both parties !

  15. I've red pilled plenty of my dem friends, not actually all voting trump, but voting red down the ballot, and writing in someone or green party.