Liberals FREAK After Biden Declares ‘Pandemic Is Over’ | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar present the response from media liberals and public health authorities to Biden’s declaration on 60 Minutes that the pandemic is over

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  1. I’m sitting at home with Covid right now. My wife and daughter have it. We all feel awful. Awful. I’m glad we got this beat…😳 this will let employers stop giving Covid time or taking this serious. I know people that fought this twice this year and were really sick. How is it over?

  2. I live in a conservative area and when I wear a mask people look at me like I'm an idiot. How about I had literally had Covid, felt fine, but I was testing positive and negative, so I was wearing my mask to help the people looking at me crazy because I'm good. I write that to say Saagar! don't "feel sorry for me" just mind your business and stop thinking that everyone else around you is dumb. You don't know why someone is wearing a mask. They might not like outside dust! I think this goes for both sides, I wish we could have a general rule of "mind your business".

  3. She should have pointed out what you did. However, there are things like extra money for Food Stamps, etc that if the pandemic "ends", will/may go away.Lots of people are bing proped up who wouldn't on this sort of money. Before condemning the twitchy Dems (who are a problem), make sure the statement isn't being walked back because lots of people are getting extra assistance that they wouldn't because of the us still being in a "pandemic". It might be interesting find out what "extra" services, and spending is being done on the part of low income, and middle income that wouldn't because of the pandemic.

  4. They are not 'anadine' comments. BTW, I think the pandemic is over, and has been for quite awhile. I also think the response was over the top ridiculous.
    That being said… the implications of his comments are the statutory powers he has because of a national state of emergency, all vaccines, boosters and treatments should no longer be able to use the EUAand instead now go through normal FDA protocols, all state level emergency powers should be rescinded immediately.
    This is the problem with this. OR … this is just a political BS statement delivered by an incompetent President 6 weeks before the mid-terms trying desperately to get voters to think Democrats actually did anything worthwhile during Covid.
    Everyday, I get more embarrassed by the incompetent leadership of this country. Our citizens deserve better, but alas, most Americans today are sheep.

  5. I still wear my mask because three of my family members and a childhood friend died.

    Super easy to give fake condolences and pity when you’ve never faced that head on especially when we still have thousands of cases a day still.

  6. Krystal, its not the unvaccinated that are still mostly dying. You are wrong.

    You are either purposefully lying, or willfully ignorant, ignoring data coming out everyday that makes these vaccines look worse and worse.

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