Liberals SILENT As Biden Admin Persecutes Assange, Donziger |Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

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  1. The democrats constantly use propaganda to deflect from their ineptitude. Sleepy Joe Biden won't get rid of the filibuster. He won't pack the courts with judges that Trump stole from us. Nope, Biden will let the courts and Congress battle it out. We are losing. Biden doesn't care. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin are bringing 2B pencils to a gun fight. With nowhere to turn MSNBC and CNN blame us, the voters for Biden's low approval numbers. All they talk about is how great the economy is. So they say, you have to pay 7¢ more for a gallon of gas. That's the price of freedom. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi bought a $25 million mansion in Florida to avoid paying property taxes in California and Rachel Maddow signed a $30 million a year contract. Working Americans can't pay rent. The liberal elites refuse to hold democrats accountable for their own greed. Trump is to blame for everything.

  2. “If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them more than the miracles of technology. We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it.” ― Lyndon B. Johnson.

  3. People confuse and think the Neo-Liberal party (Dems) is “different” than Conservative party (GOP/RW). LOL!! We have no “centrist” and certainly no “liberal” parties. That’s a myth and a RW talking point perpetuated by the corporate conservative/RW media. Both parties are essentially one and the same over the last 40+ years with the only distinction being in name only: one is labelled with a “D” and the other “R”. In fact, we have one party, the corporate conservative party with two Right-wings! They are not polar opposites, but both coexist in the same corporate conservative realm although one is extreme authoritarian Right, but the other isn’t far behind as it tries to keep up because it’s so wishy-washy and clueless. Make no mistake, this country moves Rightward every day!! “Liberalism” and “Progressivism” are dirty words to the corporate elites.

    Just look at how most of GOP blocked the $3.5 Reconciliation bill which benefits all Americans. They have help from 2 radical conservative Dems, um, GOP in Manchin and Sinema. Biden, a Neo-Liberal corporatist, is nowhere to be found as the Dems are completely silent on calling out these corporate conservative shills! Tell me both these parties aren’t 100% against the American people?? On the other hand, the GOP jammed through their $2.5T tax cuts for the wealthy elites/ corporations in 2 weeks flat! No opposition from the Dems or issues there. Easy peasy when it benefits the wealthy elites/ corporations. Every President except Nixon, LBJ and FDR are corporate conservatives. Think about this?? Why is it not surprising that when we have a Neo-Liberal, corporate conservative Congress only corporate conservative policies are passed? Well duh!! Same goes for Neo-Liberal conservative governors like Gavin Newsome and Andrew Cuomo. Liberal my arse!! No mystery here… Blows the mind that duped people keep re-electing the same corporate conservative bozos who screw them over and then expect a different result. That’s called insanity! Only idiots can’t see the truth.

    When one party gets booted out the other party automatically takes the reigns and continues their disastrous polices like nothing happened. The American people have no bleeping say. This so-called Democracy is a bleeping joke! Both parties stand/fight for Wall St Bailouts, MIC, endless wars, endless corporate tax cuts, low to no taxes for billion dollar corporations/ individuals, endless corporate welfare, corporate loopholes/ subsidies, growing Debt and deficits, and bloated Defense; screw Main St! See a stink’in pattern here?? But if a penny is spent on domestic/ social issues, it’s debated to death and whatever crumbs are left are means-tested and sunsetted. Ain’t corporatism great? NoT!! American Exceptionalism, baby!! Corporate donors, wealthy elites and sugar-daddies dictate what Congress can and can’t do so in that way Dems/GOP are ever so slightly different, but their priorities are to enrich themselves and maintain their hegemony over the rest of us 24/7 until the end of time or until nothing is left. They are fighting over 99%+ of the pie while the rest of us kill each other over the lousy scraps! By the way, the Dems are Remoras while the GOP are the Alphas (King Trumpo anyone?), who dictate, frame and set the narrative of what happens in Washington over the last 40+ years when they aren’t riling up their base on cultural wars!

    Therefore, the real battle and distinction is between Progressives and Conservatives. Forget this corrupt duopoly labelling crap which is just what the bias, shallow, corrupt, lazy corporate conservative media wants us to focus on. The MSM always presents a bleeping horse race even though none really exists to increase user engagement, clicks and ratings, baby! Once you understand the stupid games they play, you can avoid their shams/deceptions while calling out their mind games as they gaslight everyone!!

  4. Thank you folks for putting attention on this outrage. My only problem is with having Williamson on since she is a closet racist against Palestine. She has said on KPFK " Anyone who criticizes Israel is an anti-Semite". The outrage against Donziger pales against the outrage of two million innocents locked up in the Gaza prison by war criminal Israel. Williamson is a hypocrite and racist.

  5. I always love when the left speak about their side as "not being as bad as republicans" when the truth is they are worse. They pretend they are for the little guy, for justice, against corporate interests etc but they are EXACTLY what they accuse republicans of being. They stab their supporters in the back at least with republicans you see them coming with the knife. Just have to look at campaign contributions to Biden and even the facts that was laid out in this clip.

  6. What ways can the average public strike back at chevron? Other than their gas stations, which I won't buy from, what else can we boycott? Can we put pressure on funds to divest of their stock? Only financial pain will get their attention.

  7. Well it like the Republicans say don't criticize our great country, after all if we point out every fascist things Republicans and Democrats do then we can never become world war 2 Germany, it takes staying silent for the fascist to steal your freedom away!

  8. Once again, the unmistakable confirmation that when push comes to Donor interest shove, our plucky, toe-to-toe political parties actually stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of our revolving-door Corpora-State against anything and anyone – ANYONE – deemed a threat by the Bosses. Administration after administration does its utmost to utterly destroy the lives of those so perceived, always seeking to make terrifying examples of the accused, so as to quash anyone considering speaking real truth to power. And while both Assange’s and Donzinger’s cases leave us speechless before the vicious, unrelenting cruelty arrayed against these good men, they are only the latest in an ever-growing list.
    This is simply unmitigated tyranny, now so carefully structured and superbly choreographed, that we will NEVER be allowed to simply vote our way out of it. The federal judiciary as a means of citizen’s’ redress is lost…..
    The American experiment – however flawed – at the level of a democratic ideal, is over, wholly owned and systematically dismantled in all but empty symbology.
    Whether we can, or care enough to, resurrect it in some new, deeper iteration…… well, that will be up to us.
    Both millionaire parties are taking great care to show us what those who attempt such a thing can expect.

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