Libs Explode When Rand Paul Exposes the Truth About Gain-of-Function Research

Libs heads just exploded when Sen. Rand Paul exposed the truth about Gain-of-Function research. WATCH Doocy leave Biden official SHOCKED with one simple question:

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  1. A million people died for dirty American politics, sick sick people controlling everything. Only thing I disagree with is that it was an accidental leak, it was not an accident, c"mon after 2 failed impeachments, this was their last resort.

  2. Epoch Times Reports,,, that Wuhan Virology Institute published a Paper Claiming that They had Produced a "Synthetic Monkey Pox", with a "Gain of Function" of 37% Mortality Rate, Compared to 8-13% Mortality Rate from Natural Monkey Pox !
    Thanx dr Fauci !

  3. Yes but wasn't the "independant regulatory" set up supposed to be the purpose of the FDA? Turns out the FDA was gutted by the corrupt and now consists of only the "yes men/women" and stakeholders of the vaxes? I hope Paul isn't laxing on what needs to be which is a Nuremburg trial of sorts – this actually needs to be a criminal investigation!

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