Libs Of TikTok Accused Of Soliciting THREATS Against Children’s Hospital Employees: Bri & Robby

A new piece from The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz accuses Libs of TikTok of encouraging threats against employees at multiple children’s hospitals for providing gender-affirming care to transgender teens. #TransRights #TransYouth #Gender-Affirming #ChildrensHospital #libsoftiktok

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  1. there are people in this world that get it in there head bad things and they act on it just like all the copy cat crimes that happen when the News broadcast it. If the new does not sensationalize thing they no people wont watch or read. I laugh every time I hear the news you need to no. They do it everyday on all the news papers magazines.

  2. The minute you opened with "Taylor Lorenz" I knew this was going to be a one-sided view point. Taylor L and the WaPo owned by Bezos the Bond Villian part 2. Ask Taylor to cover her bosses viewpoints on his employees and why he shuts down any attempts to unionize his warehouses. Now that's a story I will read. By the way, I am a Libertarian/Independent not a Conservative.

  3. "Article by Talor Lorenz accusing Libs of TikTok of …" Say no more about the journagandist who appears to have a personal crusade against Libs of TikTok and no credibility. Thank you Bri & Bobby for not emulating her brand of "news".

  4. So when is it ok to let someone send thier mob to make threats and attack a children's hospital? Libsof Tiktok want to get nurses killed but cried when they were "doxxed"

  5. If a little boy believed that he was a dog trapped in a human body and his parents took him to a doctor and that doctor decided to perform surgery on that child to make him look more like a dog or gave him drugs to transform his body and make it look more like a dog than a human…would we consider that to be ETHICAL?

  6. So grateful for Briahna Joy Gray. No one cares about teenage girls when they’re abused by treatment centers or subjected to all manner of systemic harm. It’s about gender policing. It’s about who can wear what and inhabit what spaces.

  7. I wasn’t allowed hysterectomy as a teenager nor as an adult because my insurance wouldn’t cover it. The endometriosis ate away at my organs over 20+ years of not getting the appropriate treatment that I should’ve gotten as a teenager. What about that permanent damage??? no one cares about those harms. No one cares about girls to begin with so it’s in bad faith when people suddenly care about 4 girls who want surgery so they can live their lives more safely

  8. I don't get it. Libs of Tik Tok is only repeating content that appears on the Web. If someone gets hurt by viewing that content, it seems to me that the original publisher would be at fault. It also seems like Briahna, in her infinite wisdom, is trying to shoot the wrong messenger.

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