Libs of TikTok Pokes the Hornet’s Nest Again


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  1. God I hate it when people say your brain isn't developed until you are like 25 If kids don't have a "developed" frontal lobe then why is it right there in their fucking head and why is it using MORE GLUCOSE than an adult one? What about the effects of TELEVISION on frontal lobe development, what about the effects of SCHOOL DESKS? it's just so fucking annoying to hear. I don't think kids can consent to adult things I just think kids have RATIONAL AND USEFUL ARGUMENTS and to dismiss them is to appeal to false authority. Age is just a number, anyone can make a smart judgement and ANYONE can be brainwashed. always listen to smart kids. and punch anyone in the face who says kids' brains arent developed. the brains work fine.

  2. 'whats a woman' 'someone with XX chromosome nr 23' 'whats a man' 'someone with XY chromosome nr 23' 'then whats someone with XXY chromosome nr 23' 'a hermaphrodite'
    'whats a woman called who pretends she is a man' 'a woman, pretending to be a man' 'whats a man called who pretends to be a woman' 'a man, who pretends to be a woman'
    'whats a woman called with no titties' 'a woman with no titties' 'whats a man called with his balls cut off' 'a man, with his balls cut off'

    Reality is reality. Things are: what they are. Anything else is delusion.

  3. I used to have a document from the 60's about gmo corn and how its been modified genetically to make white people infertile , fast forward 50 plus years and you see in science studies how sperm counts are down 90percent hmmmmm 😬

  4. I suffer from Affective Psychosis, basically Scizophrenia on steroids. The worst thing anyone can do for me when I'm in a bad way with my condition is validate the hallucinations; the more real I believe they are the more dangerous they are. I rely on 'sane' people (mostly my wife these days) to ground me, without the people to tell me the hallucinations aren't real the more absorbed in them I get. I see exactly the same issue here, rather than guide these kids to the truth adults seem more interested in helping them realise 'their truth' which is insane to me. I often have the delusion that I am an immortal god…. imagine the damage I could do to myself, let alone others, if people affirmed my delusions. The same potential issue exists in letting so many kids believe they're a part of the alphabetti spaghetti group without considerable counseling first. There are real transgender people out there but no where near as many as the current trend would have us believe. And that's what this is, a trend; its currently fashionable for teens to be trans (this is the educated opinion of a counselor that works for the mental health charity: MIND) and teens will do almost anything to be fashionable/popular. It's the parents job to attempt to limit any harm/damage the kids can do so they can have some kind of happy future. Chopping bits off of an 8 year old is the opposite of care in my opinion, even if that 8 year old insists they know what they want… they don't know what they want long term because they don't have the life experience to know, hence why mature (mentally and emotionally) parents are so important.

  5. Please if someone threaten me by saying they know where I live, I would be like try it and see what happens because I will defend myself and if someone loses their life in the process so be it.

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