Libyan Civil War Starting Up Again After 2 Year Ceasefire

It’s been more than 10 years since Muammar Gaddafi was deposed and assassinated in a NATO-led overthrow and yet the nation of Libya remains mired in conflict as competing regional factions seek to gain control of the entire nation. Just recently fighting broke out in the capital of Tripoli, with 32 left dead in the aftermath. This is the legacy left behind by Hillary Clinton who famously cackled about Gaddafi’s death, saying “We came, we saw, he died.”

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger are joined by The Duran hosts Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou to discuss Libya’s ongoing struggle to emerge from the cycle of violence and the West’s culpability in its decline.

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  1. Gaddafi was awesome, be took the country back from the oil mafia thru a bloodless coup when in his early 20's, in 1973 he turned the whole country over to self rule. They had 4000 counsels of 2000 I think, where they meet a couple times a month to decide for the country what they wanted. They by passed a congress without representatives. They used the oil money to to provided free health care, education and tons of benefits. They created the 8th wonder of the world with a massive underground water system bring water to all. The USA proudly blew it up with radioactive weapons.
    It was a wonderful country that would of set a good example for others

  2. Having spent some time in Africa I have a slightly different perspective. Certainly the colonial powers have played havoc in Libya over the years. But, the central problem that crosses all political boundaries is that Africa is made up primarily of tribes. Most of which do not get along. This was the problem in Rwanda. The Belgians aligned them selves with one tribe to the devastation of the other.

    And we see the tribal affiliations in virtually all the other countries. This holds them back as one tribe wants what the other has. This also makes it easier for another country to come in and steal resources. Look at what China is doing right now. They are merely continuing what the western colonial powers did for decades.

    Lets not forget, slavery began with one tribe capturing and selling another. The Arab or European did not march in and capture slaves. They bought them from other black Africans. So still today the tribes right amongst themselves and their leaders take bribes to squander their countries wealth. They keep their populations poor as a result. I am not sure there is an answer, except education and infrastructure.

  3. Turns out the French leader ,Sarcozy, owed Ghadafi 35 million for his elections, and was glad to see he didn’t have to pay back the loan! Western countries will lose everything because the rest of the world see the western countries as brutal uncivilized barbaric countries, willing to go to any lenghts to enrich themselves,and are now leaning to China and Russia for leadership,. The west is doomed as the despots in future historical naratives, completely devoid of any credibility,and soon to join the Mongol Hords in infamy.

  4. Once again, Jimmy blames America for things it has very little responsibility for. Let's remember what happened in Libya: people revolted against Qaddafi, and in a few days managed to take control over most cities, including Benghazi. Qaddafi sent his army and managed to regain the upper hand, and was about to conquer Benghazi. He then announced that he was going to slaughter the people of Benghazi for daring to revolt against him. The Arab countries started to scream bloody murder, and passed a UN Security Council resolution that the rebels should be protected. This gave NATO the right to intervene, and it did so under the command of France. You can claim that they overstepped the mandate they got from the UN and helped the rebels win, but then you would have to put the blame on France, not the US.

  5. Why, of all the Iraq liars, only George W. Bush got a shoe thrown at him? We

    Dick Cheney
    Richard Perle
    Robert Gates
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Donald Rumsfeld
    Michael Chertoff
    Bernard Kerik
    Tom Ridge
    Condoleezza Rice
    Colin Powell
    * Hillary is a crooked motherf’her

  6. Jimmy,

    Sarkozy is being tried here in France for the big bribe he received from Kaddafi. Asreal lackey of americans, Sarkozy then betrayed Kaddafi by attacking Libya, and asasinating him. This SOB is still under investigation but is being protected by Macron and his justice minister Dupont-Moretti who is Sarkozy's boddy!!

  7. Can't help but say what the US and some western countries did to Libya was outright terrorism, manslaughter and piracy. Where's the sanctions. Where's den haag. Where's the UN. This is all so wrong.

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