Lies and Exaggerations Re: Kids Vax Under 5 Is Bad Public Health

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  1. How do these people making unsubstantiated statements and claims live with themselves? Have they no conscience? There are so many agencies and corporations and news sources that are totally without a moral base.

  2. It’s almost as if the inadequate studies, misleading messaging, and lack of honest discussion of this product in the mainstream were by design to push this vaccine at all costs. Never mind it’s 2+ years later, seroprevalence is 75%+ and we’re still giving manufacturers legal immunity via the EUA. Who can say this is being driven in good faith at this point?

  3. My doctor was encouraging me to get the vaccine just after they were released. I explained that I was hesitant, that I had natural antibodies from contracting it early on, that I didn't trust big pharma on this one and that I preferred to wait a bit. He told me that the data was showing that vaccine was far more effective than natural antibodies. I asked where the data came from. He chuckled and said "yea, maybe not the best source." I knew which study he was talking about and who wrote it. The study was from CDC, used data provided by Pfizer and was published by a doctor who noted he worked regularly with Pfizer as a researcher and consultant in his disclosure. I agreed that it wasn't the best source lol.

  4. Well since the CDC was implemented, we have seen a staggering increase in obesity. This has caused an increase all kinds of disease. Why should we allow these types any failed agencies implement policy. It seems we should do the opposite of what they say.

  5. Yes. To all of what you present here. Just yes. I'm over 60, so I've been relegated to the "old lady don't know nothin'" class, but "way back when I rode a dinosaur to school" I learned the same scientific credibility rules that you hold and promote. If the "youts" wanna change all the rules and definitions to say that sky is green the grass is blue, water is dry and fish breathe sand, just because Fauci said so and Gates is giving money to everyone who goes along with it, well I'll just have to stay ignorant, I guess.

  6. How in the world can there still be people who cannot see through their lies yet??
    I am more angry with the general population than I am with the evil pieces of crap that are doing this. We have the power to stop this but we just watch it happen.
    I don't have a lot of power to change this on my own but I can refuse to comply and that's exactly what I'm doing.

  7. You came a long way and you rock now doctor. You've proven you're a person with integrity, unlike many others who don't care. God bless.

  8. The problem with all studies is that they are mostly worthless. My apologies. Everything you are saying is on point. But missing from all the analysis is 1-p. Risk ratios are usually done by comparing the % affected (with prevention) vs % affected with prevention. THIS IS FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED. It misses the people who weren't measured..

    How dangerous is it to drive without a seatbelt? HINT: it is really easy to drive a long long ways without ever getting into an accident.
    How dangerous is it to be in an accident without a seatbelt? HINT: It is amazing how many remain uninjured without being seatbelted in… I always wear my seatbelt. I do not support not wearing a seatbelt. The problem is there are unconfoundable factors.

    How likely are you to survive a long time smoking a pack a day. HINT: Neighbor smokes a pack a day and is still walking around fit as a fiddle. Others don't and are not fit.

    When > 99% of people survive without ANY intervention (whether vaccine or other therapies), our first step is "DON't DO ANYTHING!"

  9. MD/PhD and I have been horrified by the entire COVID mess including the obvious lies about those who have been exposed needing to be vaccinated which goes against what I taught in Medical School for over 10 years. When I argued about this in meetings early on, I was then excluded from meetings and threatened to have my privileges removed.

    I have been in meetings where pediatricians are complaining that their practice in a rural setting is not getting any kids vaccinated while those in the city are all getting it to the tune of 50 to 100K in federal incentives to the practice each week. These clinicians are pushing vaccines on kids to make the money from the incentives being offered by the federal government and many want them because it is essentially free money for them and some practices have lost business due to fear. I was appalled to hear this and feel that giving incentives (out of our tax dollars) is paying physicians to push an experimental vaccine which goes against everything I have been taught in my training.

    In addition, framing the folks who don't want to vaccinate as Right Wing, MAGA types is disingenuous and is used to shame people into compliance or demonize those who decide the risk of side effects is too high. In my state, it has resulted in many refusing to be vaccinated because of the politics and the feeling that the government is lying constantly.

    I looked at the data and I remain unvaccinated along with my children and my wife. I have also counseled many of my patients to remain free of vaccination since they are often at a much lower risk for an adverse outcome if they do become infected.

    Healthcare decisions need to be removed from politics but it is too late now and these elected criminals will never give up the power they think they have gained by COVID.

    Unfortunately, the trust held by physicians with their patients has long since been destroyed by this mindless compliance to the government with no one questioning anything coming out of the CDC and WHO.

  10. Thank you for repeating the same stuff over and over. It must be frustrating and tedious, but it needs to be said. I don’t expect the conditions to change anytime soon, but more people have some understanding of evidence-based medicine because they’re listening to you!

  11. We're now at a point where half of us don't trust the CDC, NIH, or FDA any longer.
    These agencies seem entirely captured by the industries they regulate. Disgusting.

  12. it's been two years, most kids have probably already gotten covid. I can't believe this is still dragging on for so long. There are people that are still worried about covid as if it was march 2020.

  13. Mayo Clinic has been failing when speaking to speaking to its employees:
    "The more children who are vaccinated, the harder it is for COVID-19 to spread and produce variants. This also keeps daycares and schools open and available."

  14. I've watched a number of videos in which Vinay, and others with his critcal approach, seem to be pointing out the occasional rotten apple.

    However, what strikes me is that they recognise problems at every level but still support the general direction of the initiative.

    At what point do these people realise the whole barrel of apples has been contaminated; that the rot is pervasive?

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