LIES! Team Johnny Depp DESTROYS Amber Heard Expert! Dr David Spiegel Paid LIES & Credibility EXPOSED

LIES! Team Johnny Depp DESTROYS Amber Heard Expert! Dr David Spiegel Paid LIES & Credibility EXPOSED

Dr. Spiegel testified on behalf of Amber Heard’s team , in an attempt to discredit Johnny Depp. But Johnny’s lawyer Wayne Dennison fought back beautifully – bringing up The Goldwater Rule. Dr Spiegel’s reactions and non-reactions have already created various memes online, as well as his own words exposing his own paid bias.

From – Johnny Depp shows behaviour ‘consistent with a perpetrator of IPV, psychiatrist says ‘We all get angry with people … But when our brain is functioning well, we don’t act it out’. Johnny Depp trial LIVE. It’s the final week of his legal battle with Amber Heard Orthopedic surgeon testifies Johnny Depp didn’t lose fingertip from vodka bottle Amber Heard’s legal team called psychiatrist David Spiegel as a defense witness on Monday.

“Mr Depp has behaviors that are consistent with someone who has substance behavior as well as someone who is a perpetrator of IPV,” said Spiegel, an expert in addiction and IPV, also known as DV.

Asked if he believes Mr Depp’s substance usage impaired his ability to perform as an actor, Dr Spiegel said he is aware of Mr Depp using an earpiece for lines. He said he believes Mr Depp’s “thinking rate” is down and his attention and memory are impaired, noting that drugs and alcohol “will make us disinhibited and will make us act out, in a lot of different ways”, including IPV.

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  1. This guy is clearly a real example of the person himself described,a Narcissistic Insane, mentally unstable person!! He is not a real Doctor he is a Quack!! He shouldn't practice it all!! Probably his patience suffer instead getting his help!! Unreal!!

  2. To me this Dr. sounds so similar in voice to one of the guys from car talk on NPR. Lol Sorry car talk guy, no offence. Just in voice, not in substance. 🤷🏼‍♀

  3. AH could of had someone hit her. The chick that cried during her testimony maybe? She could have done the injuries to her. She might not wanted to But….. AH got her to do it. Or one of her late night VISITORS might have helped her out. Think about it. It's very possible…

  4. Jesus I'm glad this is over, I've never seen such lying…not since court cases involving war crimes where they say *I only slaughtered 150,000 Jews because I was told to…oh the torture, yeh that was what came with it! WAS I told to well no but doesn't that come with it??? Medical experiments???? Yeh we were only using them for that because basically they are already dead because they soon will be!! Look up the transcripts… This guy reminds me of that…My VICTIMS!!

  5. In A Time Where HEALTH Is A Huge Topic & Great Concern, I Hope & Pray Everyone Is Paying Close Attention To How Our Medical Personnel Are Up For Sale! These So Called Professionals DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU & ME ONLY MONEY!!!

  6. Mental health care takes a toll on the medical personnel. I do not think most people realise, how high may toll be. Change of roles, from personnel to patient, is not unheard of. This guy looks strange to you? Well, try to handle people's serious mental issues for several years on daily basis. To be in contact with them, to know them, to be responsible for their being and future. Maybe he wasn't always like this.


    MAY 29TH 2022
    TIME 1 : 50AM


    A H

  8. This guy said up front that this was a good plug for his new book. He's a quack. His license should be suspended for his disregard for APA standards. I feel so bad that he is still allowed to work with vulnerable people.

  9. I feel psychologists shouldn’t be allowed to give expert testimony unless they have indeed interviewed the individual extensively for at least a 6 months to get a better understanding of the individual. I feel you can’t truly get to know somebody just seeing them 8 to 12 times. Some ppl r great at hiding who they r and sometimes can take yrs for their true colors to shine

  10. This man is scary to think he could ever could effect a persons life what a mockery of the profession. These people needed to be brought to light can you imagine what he has did in the past. This man should have his lience taken period.Corrupt and unethical and would say anything for a pay check. If you see this man run . I as a judge would have never gave this man three chances after warning him the first time. It was circus show.

  11. Dr Spiegel has review by his clients that he literally killed patients!, DAMN TOO MUCH FOR AN UNETHICAL "EXPERT WITNESS"!, Also I wondered why JD lawyers did not asked him the obvious " How come, visibly abnormal, neurotic , psychotic person like Spiegel holds a licence to treat patients or even comment on normality???"

  12. He’s so smack-able, why is he on the stand if he didn’t evaluate Johnny cuz everything he has to say is speculation, he’s like that guy who thinks he’s brilliant n can’t admit the few times he’s wrong

  13. This has got to be a Barty Crouch impersonating Mad Eye Moody situation… it has to be. (I’m not a HP fan my sister made me watch all the movies lol) I hope the real Dr. Spiegel is locked away in a trunk somewhere, for the sake of his patients- or in this man’s words “victims”. He’s terrifying!!

  14. Please don't insult Dr. Hines Doofenshmirtz. He is an evil genius.
    Seriously, if you refer to patients as victims then you have a problem. His testimony is definitely not credible. If you haven't examined someone then you can't diagnose that person. I would hate to be his patient.

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