Life in Canada Under a Dictatorship



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I’m Jasper Sunshine and my dogs are Rhea (husky) and Minnie (aussie shep) and we live in a condo on wheels. We have a pretty cool life, so I figured I’d share parts of it with you! Welcome to our life!


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  1. Start killing these ZOG officers just like the Russian Revolution they don't deserve to live no one will cry at their funeral anyway peaceful protests have NEVER TRULY WORKED in history!

  2. I sent this email today.

    Hi Candice

    I am from Ireland and I am following the protests in your country very closely. It saddens my heart very deeply to see what is happening in your beautiful country and the way some politicians and the police forces are treating their citizens. So heart wrenching to watch. There might be a way to stop all this and what I suggest is that all you politicians on the opposition to this government resign now and stand with the people to force a new election. The people of Canada will stand with you 100% I believe. It will show them just who is on their side.

  3. Notre mitaine de trudau y avez jus à sortir de sa cachette qui durent depuis plus de deux ans et faire un homme responsable de lui et sa serait tout bien fini mais non alors vous voyer sa vraie identité un vrais Fidel Castro son amis comme sont père

  4. These protesters need to dress in Antifa masks and outfits or as Black Lives Matter protesters and Klaus Schwab owned Trudeau would be out marching with them and welcoming them to Ottawa.

  5. It’s called doing their jobs
    To keep the peace from a mob of ignorance and stupidity! F**k these brain dead deplorable pos! Arrest everyone of them, impound their rigs, revoke their CDL’s and lock them up UNDER the prison!

  6. Canada,has promised freedom,to immigrants, abused by Governors.
    Instead, they've ended up,in The Concentration Camp.
    Sold in slavery,by Trudeau's family.

  7. The people of the world are now waking up and they can see the plan for communist tyranny as laid our by the WEF and Klaus' book – The Great Reset. Mark no mistake about it, the people of the world are rising up to weed out everything single one of these fascist assholes and their supporters (left wing fanatics). We are winning!

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