Life Insurance CEO Reveals Deaths Are Up 40% Among Working People: “Just unheard of”

🔥 EXCLUSIVE: $350M in Secret Royalty Payments to NIH Scientists (including Dr. Fauci) 👉


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  1. There were publications in PubMed from computational biology where they analyzed data Covid related, one study analyzed antibodies to Covid and to vaccines ( if you wonder, antibodies for Covid are more diverse than Ab for vaccines , vaccines have only small piece of S protein) and their affinity to our proteins. They used the whole body proteins, huge data… They found few proteins that can be recognized by antiCovid Abs. The majority of these proteins are related to our heart, different functions but in the heart muscle. That data gives some clue why myocarditis is one of common complications after Covid 🤔 and after vaccinations too.
    It was known that S-protein is toxic for us but not known why, so it might be because Abs to S- protein are able to attack our own proteins in the heart and thus it becomes autoimmune reaction 😣 which is hard if ever possible to cure.

  2. These celebrities and sports stars dropping, either dead or out of their career due to ill health, we're talking billions and billions of dollars in claims.
    Where are the law suits?

  3. I think we all know by now the common denominator in all these deaths. Also, I can't believe all the colon and ovarian cancers being diagnosed in ppl in their 30's

  4. Tell ya what!!!
    They better hurry up and kill who they can now but “They” better hope there’s not too many of us left for the revenge party when all this shit comes out in the end because when people finally “wakes-the-hell-up” and starts to put 2 and 2 to-gather??? It’s sure gonna get alittle warm around here!!!

  5. Just go's to prove that the vaccines are not vaccines. The vaccines are fake but in a very complex way and are similar to computer hacking codes. They work but what lies in the vaccine over time, well, look at the numbers. By the way this might be a very big plan starting with the idea that "Americans" should reduce consumption of animal fats and carbohydrates which can make a stronger immune system. Why do you think Loins eat vegetarians ? For the fat ! It gives them strength and longevity.

  6. Now , let us just remember who is going to foot the bill for all this ….oh yes , that would be the policy holders who are still paying….. I need a better rate now , for being clean of all this experimental medical stuff.

  7. The NHS is too big, a monolith of huge proportions. Staff have become lazy through lack of control, as happened in all previous state run organisations. Steel, Coal, Education, Transport, were all inflicted with the same malaise. Even after privatisation it was the same staff with the same attitudes that spoiled the industries. Now we see greed rearing its ugly head again in those industries with staff numbers large enough to put pressure on an already stretched economy. How strange that these industries are the ones that are, or once were, nationalized. The answer is simple

  8. You say its not clear, i find it crystal clear, the rich have declared war on us and we are dying as a result, this was all planned a long time ago and if you are part of the population you are their target, they want you gone

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