Lifelong Democrat Goes FULL MAGA, Tells me Trump MUST Win And Republicans MUST Take House

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  1. Never bend the knee and I never will.
    President Trump is letting the Leftists run their course and when he wins in November he will drop the hammer on all this Bullshit

  2. God Bless America!! Hopefully, we can win both houses and the presidency and we can get to a normal life and get America's business done.
    Joe Biden has dementia and is just a puppet now.
    The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
    JP Morgan another place normal people need to stay away from.
    I will get on my knees for God and NO one else!

  3. I am a recently turned Trump voter for 2020. Many of my friends and family are the same. 6 months ago I could've never thought of supporting him. So there's that.

  4. Me too bro. Lifelong Democrat voting Trump 2020 after in 2016 I said I’d move to Canada if he wins. I’m not a fan of his personal life but he’s objectively a good president and what we need right now. I’m not voting for people who are funded by literal terrorists and want to bring more affirmative action. The idiots on Facebook posting BLM and justifying the burning and looting guaranteed I’m voting Trump. I’m still a liberal in every sense but I realized I’m more libertarian after seeing why people hate leftists. The liberals are trying to squash free speech and make this country look like China/North Korea. No thanks bro.

  5. DEMS and FAKE NEWS have gone CRAZY,,Mr. Biden is "elder abuse" and sd be Retired ands Resting not running the U.S.DUH! GOD is on OUR SIDE BLACK DADS MATTER TRUMP 2020LANDSLIDE

  6. Trump is a patriot and America ?? he does whatever is best for America ?? like him or loved him he is the only one now that can makes America ?? ? ? ? ? and best freedom. The constitution must be protected. If the constitution is broken this country will be communist. God bless ? ? America ?? ? God bless ? ❤ president ? Trump. May God delivers ? ? Trump the election 2020