Liquidators are chasing homeowners

#constructionapocalypse #housingmarket #heisesays
Homeowners with stalled housing projects are being chased by liquidators for unpaid work.


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  1. People's entitlement is awful. All they say is: "Government deal with my problems, so I don't have to care about my things!"| Everyone has to deal with shit. Even the rich and famous deal with shit. Just look at the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard shit show. Just look at those GoFundMes, they are all dealing with shit. Things go sideways. There is only one thing secure in life : there is no security in life. The whole lack of self sufficiency will become a big problem in the near future.

  2. People really DON'T want government to fix anything. They actually want government to place their financial burden upon others. They will happy support a government that spreads poverty to innocent third parties if it helps alleviate their present circumstances. And the vast majority of citizens remain perpetually confused why a better caliber of politician never seems to get into office.

  3. More to the point:
    Why is the "Insurance Scheme" only covering 20% of the total – when in this case the collapse is going to make it an overall 150% (an extra $250k on a $500k house) cost to restart and finish the house?
    Surely an actual insurance plan should cover actual costs or unexpected damage etc – or would that stop people building overpriced McMansions if they had to pay real insurance for real protection..?

  4. Btw, good one "Vincent" – admitting you were taking deposits knowing it wasn't going to get build is the perfect example of 'trading while insolvent' for the company and Directors.

  5. Problem is the chance of any of this money getting to the tradie that did the work is about nil. The liquidator is doing this to ensure that their HUGE fat fees get paid. Check any company liquidation breakdown and see where the vast majority of the cash goes ..

  6. I'd tell the liquidators to piss off if I had paid or promised money for something unfinished.

    As soon as you hand over money, you aren't getting it back, and the liquidators are working in the best interests of the company only, you as the client are just a money bag.

    I would also be asking for their criteria on fair and reasonable, and ask of every invoice paid on the property and cross checking pricing with other vendors to confirm they are not doctored or artificially inflated.

    Don't forget the business has insurances, or should have for loss prevention, which most likely means if you over pay them for works the liquidators will double dip on insurance as well as it's in the companies best interest to balance the spreadsheet.

  7. It's incredibly clear that capitalism has failed here.
    It's time for more direct control.
    That means a fresh approach which the Liberals and Labor have failed at.
    Perhaps we need to see what the Greens can offer?

  8. The Government controls those newspapers and articles Heise, of course they will be promoting more Government control and intervention…..they are not your friend!….repeat the Government is NOT your friend… strangers, all rich, protecting their own wealth, ensuring the lower classes remain lower class.

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