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0:00 What This is All About.
1:32 Audio Of Her Admitting The Truth.
2:32 Preach’s Thoughts
6:53 “Yes Means Yes” Law In Spain.

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  1. A homie of mine had a false allegation made against him 10 years ago, and it got cleared up pretty fast, but things stick. Proof of innocence never removes the stains that come from accusation. Anyway, skip ahead about 5 or 6 years, and this girl, way out of his league, is all over him. Really pursued him. They get together and BOOM! she starts making all kinds of demands on him, almost all of which were financial, and she said that if he didn't come through, she claim he did all kinds of stuff to him, and people would believe her because he'd been acused years before. He called her bluff, and she followed through on her threats, but a guy came forward and said she'd done the same to him two years prior. Then some digging was done, and she'd falsely reported a few men over the years, and she was arrested and only did a couple of months. More and more women are going to prison, particularly here in the UK, for making flase allegations. Right before lockdown, one girl got sentenced to 10 years in prison for making over 15 false allegation claims against various men, all of whom had their lives wrecked because of it, and a couple of whom even did short stretches in jail.

  2. I'm a behavioural psychologist who almost exclusively works with children, teens, and young adults, and have done for the past 27 years. Day in, day out, I hear terms reduced to buzzwords due to misuse and overuse. There are so many words that are almost never, ever used correctly, which are also used to death. Words such as narcissist, groomer, and sociopath, are amongst the top overused and completely misused words online.

  3. False allegations are incredibly dangerous and life ending.

    A guy I knew of got with a girl at a party that I was at, She flirted with him, She dragged him up stairs to 1 of the many bedrooms, Was a huge house, And they did the naked tango, Both came down a few hours later with smiles on their faces, Giggling, Hugging, Talking etc… Left it at that all friendly and never saw eachother again…. he later learns she regretted the action so labelled it as "you know what", He then got labelled, Lost his job, Became a social pariah, Got beaten by a group of random men, Spent time in hospital, Had a nervous breakdown.

    He tried telling people the truth but men are not believed, It got to such an extreme point he took his own life because a woman decided to lie.

  4. 7:36 so now "romantic body action" must be video record with clear sound from the moment they met… which mean 24/7 indoor + outdoor camera + sound surveillant in all rooms, even toilet, bathroom, garage, can't use clip cause "i said no before the clip" or "i said no but it was cut out." so it must be full time record.

    on date, multi gopro to continuously record interaction for before out of the house to when back home.


  5. What she said was proof that there's clearly a double standard. Know a guy who was messing around with a guy's wife and when her husband found out she used the r card and he got time for it instead of her just admitting she was cheating.

  6. I’m a woman but I know there are women out there that weaponise their gender. I often wonder how much “accidental” pregnancies would fall if men were able to get legal abortions. In the context that within a certain timeframe men were able to by law say no, I don’t want to have a baby and won’t take in that responsibility, which I think they should be allowed to do. My guess is “accidental” pregnancies would plummet.

  7. Come on bruh!!!….
    After all these years, seeing crazy weird sh!t on the internet, and you're still surprised about people???
    Think of the weirdest sh!t you can imagine, and I can guarantee that someone/few people have done it.

  8. So many woman are like this! Alot of woman are so spiteful for no reason!! I've seen it happen too many times!! Woman want to hurt an ex so much they will say anything to hurt them!!

  9. Guys should really go to court more often. Like this chick is screwed if it comes down to it. Women need to understand that they cant just put out accusations like that. Like "Stalking" is a crime. You cant publicly accuse someone of commiting a crime ffs. How does anyone not understand that? I think we need some exempla to readjust the red line here. Sue that crazy bitch!

  10. Men! Stop dating western/American woemen and you won't need to deal with this crap. It's always her interpretation of things so why give her anything to go on? Just travel and have fun elsewhere. You're not going to miss anything here except trouble.

  11. The one's saying, "Why would they lie?", only do so for women's benefit. They wouldn't do it if a man was accused of lying. Must protect women's ability to claim victimhood at all costs.

  12. What I told me children as they grew, was that monsters don't look like monsters, they look like people, you have to watch for ques, because if time enough passes, that the mask falls off, revealing the monster underneath, it may be too late. Stay safe guys. Slan ☘

  13. Shit like this… I could cry because it is so fucking unjust.
    I got accused by a psycho bitch I REJECTED. She was drunk and I turned her down… so she told all our friends I tried to.
    Theres no come back… accusations that could destroy your life can be thrown around without ANY ramifications.

  14. According to spains law I have been raped a LOT.
    Girlfriends who mounted the morning wood before I was even awake
    Girlfriends who wordlessly initiated sex with me
    Girlfriend who my drunk ass fell asleep on DURING… and kept going.

    These laws are bullshit reactionary shit to win votes without ever considering how humans actually behave in relationships

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