Lithuania Launches DANGEROUS Russian Blockade | Jacob Dreizin

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Lithuania Launches DANGEROUS Russian Blockade Jacob Dreizin

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  1. Калининград один из многих красивых мест России, но далеко не самый-самый.

  2. people not seen full force of Russia China an India yet but its coming GOD showed me years ago.i told people 40 years ago the pandemic of 2020 will be the beginning to the end.I was called conspircy theroist until it happen

  3. Russia already said imposing no fly zone
    S means you’ve joined battle and they’ll respond. These USANATOEU Cheering sections. They think Russia is bluffing when they say things.

  4. Putin's Russia wants to continue to dictate to the world how it should act and behave towards Russia. Putin's Russia also continues to threaten neighbors with the "N" Word. Putin continues to act like a Big Bully towards its Neighboring countries, just like Adolph Hilter. What a sad time to be a Russian citizen.

  5. a fb friend posted this on her wall:
    "Jenny Lancaster

    Little fact about Lithuania. It considers the time under USSR as an illegitimate occupation. Thus, legally, the lands it got under ussr (including its capital Vilnius (Vilnya)) are no longer Lithuanian either. But Russia and Lithuania signed a treaty in 2004, stating that Russia, as a legal successor state to the USSR, recognizes Lithuanian borders as long as there is free access to Kaliningrad. Now Lithuania breached its agreement, meaning Lithuania will lose Klaipeda region, which was transferred from Germany to USSR according to Potsdam conference, and also they will lose Vilnya, which was transferred from Poland to first Belarus, and only then given to Lithuania by Stalin."
    will russia be able to conduct another special military operation to retake what is rightfully hers, without nato article 5 being triggered??

  6. You forgot that was also Polish-Lituwenian “KROLEWIEC”. Everybody wants to forget that. Germany are thieves and Russians are thieves, Stalin the biggest thieve. Hope he’s in hell .

  7. Every little thing imposed on Russia by the Western World Order since the collapse of the USSR always mounts to a catastrophic situation for RUssia. This one of this little things again, that if not retaliated against now will bring it to the WW3. Obviously Lithuania will be bye bye for their prostitution to the West, but the nearby EU countries will burn in flames if this goes on and on like this..

  8. Some russian gas platform blew up. Oh, my!!! Such escalation!!! Are you idiots just going to ignore the fact that a quarter of Ukraine is now a pile of ruble and that shit has been going on for 3 months?

  9. NATO was always fishing for a way to trigger article 5! They just wanted to see how much they could deplete Russia if it’s military might! They obviously are unaware of what they have and how they plan to use it! Unfortunately the world may soon find out 🤯🤯 GID BLESS HUMANITY AND MAY PEACE BESTOW THE PLANET!!

  10. I like how you say that Kaliningrad was inherited. Is that a nice way to say that the Soviet Union ripped it away from Germany, raped and killed thousands of civilians, and sent thousands of more to the gulag? The only reason this is even an issue is because the Baltic states were illegally occupied by the Soviets and it was all connected. Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with taking land from the Nazis. But let's just call it what it is, not use the word inherit.

    As far as Lithuania goes, I don't think they're doing anything wrong. I think it's ironic to use the word treaty between Lithuania and Russia when Russia right now it's violating its own treaties by invading Ukraine.

    What will Russia do? Absolutely jack s***. It can't defeat the Ukraine. It would probably have a problem just taking on the Lithuanian Army itself, and then when you throw in the rest of NATO Russia would be signing its own death warrant.

    Putin is an idiot and a madman but he's not that stupid. If he were insane enough to issue such an order as invading Lithuania, I would really hope that his generals or somebody would not follow up those orders.

  11. I really can't believe that people believe this crap. The Russians are only attacking military targets? Can you tell me what strategic value apartment buildings have? A municipal office? People's houses? Hospitals, daycare centers?

  12. Russia is going to have to use restrain when dealing with Lithuania, because they are obligated to things against their will. I'm sure this is the last thing Lithuania wanted to do is block Russian supply trains.

  13. We have had a very similar situation in the 1938/1939 when Poland blocked the transit-ways to Germany's East-Prussia region, with it's capital Königsberg (now Kaliningrad), to interrupt deliveries from East-Prussia to Germany and of coal deliveries from German-Silesia to East-Prussia. Poland at this time was "backed" or pushed by France and Great-Britain to do so – the result was terrible and ended in a complete desaster for Poland. And now, Königsberg/ Kaliningrad again – hope very much that this will not once again end in a complete desaster.

    By the way, the actions of the Lithuan government are simply and absolutely ununderstandable for me – first they provoced China by acknoledging Taiwan and now provocating Russia with this blockade. And once again, as in 1938/1939, these for Lithua potencially suicidal decissions have been apparently pushed or backed by the old well known "players" in the NATO. In case of a Russion Intervention, Lithua will surely suffer at first – not the "players." And not to forget, Russia never acknoledged Lithua formally – what means, that they face Lithua still as a member of the Russian Federation. Terrible simply terrible.

  14. You may not know this, but in the Baltic countries there is also a very big Russophobia, turning into racism. For example, in Latvia, the Russian population does not have the status of full-fledged citizens of the country, the government regularly commits provocations against Russia, for example, the Latvian Seimas decided to dismantle the monument to the liberators of Riga. Along with this, marches of veterans of the SS National Division are held.

  15. America doesn't think the Russians are that stupid and know what the Americans are doing trying to spread their weaponry and infantry.
    Russia will concentrate on Ukraine just now until tipped over the edge and watch Lithuania sway back and forth on this decision.
    Russia will then make sure all our European countries better fire up their coal fired power stations amongst other items.
    As you say Russia shall not intentionally hit public places but the Ukrainians with their human shields totally different subject and yet our western media say nothing on this playing this clown Zelensky as a hero.
    Doesn't make sense but that is the Western world now.

  16. Lithuania is a USA-NATO puppet absolutely powerless to set it's own independent direction. This is a USA move, 100%. The move have USA fingerprints all over it. USA war mongering as usual. Can the USA, do anything that is not war-mongering??

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