LIVE – CHO Limbo as Police Masked, Unmasked and Chin diapers which way from here?

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Protest happening now in Melbourne


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  1. The Crown is giving ownership of you and your body, to the Corporation
    that is not alive
    if you agree to be governed by them
    they will own you, your kids, their kids, their kids, their kids, their kids, their kids etc
    until someone says no more
    Get rid of government
    and the Crown
    and the most important thing is to let go of religious beliefs.
    Do not follow beliefs religiously
    Beliefs are Never Real
    May we always let go of our beliefs

  2. Masks are not required outside, so? What's incredible is calling masks chin diapers in the heading, something those in Asian countries don't do because it's not an affont to their ego and in their culture for ages….eg Japan have had flu alerts in winter for Years where people don masks. However in European descent countries…..oh the drama over masks by some.

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