LIVE: Jimmy Dore & Joe Rogan Are Breaking Liberal’s Brains


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LIVE: Jimmy Dore & Joe Rogan Are Breaking Liberal’s Brains

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  1. How many of the people passing along this misinformation will be suspended from Twitter or Facebook?
    Remember how quickly the New York Post story about Hunter Biden's laptop was killed?
    I'm no Trump fan but this all started when an American presidential candidate was spied on using political opposition research as the basis to do that spying.
    And then Trump got impeached for the phone call.

  2. Disagreeing with people is fine but some shit the Vanguard says makes is really hard to think that they’re being honest or acting in good faith.

    They criticized Kulinski for not listening to criticism from his viewers and then the second they got negative feedback after their Ryan Grim interview they immediately told their viewers that they DGAF what they think and then said it was just a bunch of “Jimmy Dore” sycophants…like yeah man Jimmy Dore made Ryan Grim smear and lie about disabled people organizing the M4M4ALL and then Jimmy Dore made the Vanguard interview Grim while he was doing that and made them not ask him about it…FOH!!!!

  3. Welp! I am LOL, ‘cause now men can know how it feels to have the government run by big business telling them what to do with their bodies. Also they can experience the stigma that goes along with going against Daddy. The propagandist, Dr. Jason McElyea, should be brought before a medical licensing board and stripped of his license. Jimmy Dore and Joe Rogan should sue the lamestream media outlets that maliciously and recklessly prop up news stories that are fictitious and meant to insight panic in the general population.

  4. Great show!! I must say though, your take on RB because he takes the same points you do and comes to a different conclusion is a little lame IMO. I hope you do address this more in depth at some point in the future. I don't agree with him all the time, but his perspective is more than thought provoking.

    I absolutely love your show Jackson! Keep up the amazing work.

  5. I think the Vanguard guys are just young, they read the news or whatever for their show and because it was all basically saying that stuff they made the mistake of listening. Us older people know by now if the whole media has a unified message, either on the left or right. It’s probably nonsense. They’ll get there I hope, because I’ve been kinda positive towards them but it’s getting harder not going to lie.

  6. Hey Jackson, fairly new listener. Been a fan of Jimmy's for a while and I've heard him mention you multiple times so I've started listening. Im not sure what you're using for your livestreams but I felt your pain in the beginning. I livestream my dj sets and I've found restream to be the best. No switching from platform to platform. Restream handles everything. Love the chat graphics too.

  7. Trump broke sh!tlibs' brains years ago. Likewise, much of the populist Left had their brains broken by the Squad's treachery during FTV, Bernie's coward turn, DNC skulduggery during two election cycles. The establishment fear has been the Left and cultural Right allying on working class issues again. Instead, some have united with them on culture war lunacy, jumping on the "magical thinking" crazy train regarding covid policy and treatments, pretending "the Steal" was real in the general, and being stooges for the Far Right in this recall gambit. I've super chatted Jimmy and Stef monthsagi re: people who can provide nuance on the covid issue, like Dr. Michael Osterholm, the world's foremost epidemiological detective, or Dr. Duc Vuong, who can provide straight talk. They've sought to interview neither, and only providing their audience mindless contrarianism, and preaching the religion of Ivermectin and promoting this kakamamie idea that such a thing as "vaccine long haul syndrome" is a thing, when long haul applies only to covid sufferers who have long term lung scarring. And now, God help us, Sam Seder just had Osterholm on, and is now the voice of reason on this issue.

  8. Her complete lack of empathetic thought, makes it clear that, in the lottery of birth, if Talia were born a white dude,
    Raised by racists,
    She'd definitely be the most frothing bigot at the lynching.

  9. You really need a time stamp breakdown on your videos. There is so much dead time on the feed and as much as I value your content I simply don't have the time to sift through nearly 3 hours of material.

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