LIVE: Jimmy Dore on Democratic treachery, Max Blumenthal in Venezuela, Aaron Maté on Russia dementia

We speak with Jimmy Dore about Democratic politicians selling out working people — and media pundits circling the wagons. Then Max Blumenthal provides a report from inside Caracas, Venezuela. And Aaron Maté talks about the latest in Russia dementia and the OPCW Syria scandal.

Join The Grayzone’s Ben Norton live at 7:30 PM EST / 4:30 PM PST

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  1. I think it's a mistake to assume the attacks are in made in good faith, even to the extent of being a genuine opinion. JD and Max are simultaneously hilarious and powerfully effective together.

  2. I like Jimmy. He get emotional because he cares too much about issues that matter. He is brave which I cannot say the same thing about some alternate social media host! He is a true revolutionary. The world needs revolution right now.

  3. The Left, the Left, the Left: snarling at one another like a sack of cats, “cancelling” ( what an effete snob word) one another over pseudo doctrine and tactics, primping over empty rhetoric and gesture, utterly lacking organization or focussed vision or ANYTHING that even resembles real power for change…
    While the Bosses and Bossettes forge on, eyes on Their prize (s), wealth now flooding to the top, global resource wars in full swing and virtually -and certainly effectively – unopposed, our grandchildrens’ planet burning itself to the ground.
    And we go to the mattresses over what blazing, crucial human issue?
    Jimmy Dore!!!????? GAAAAAK!!!
    Our rear ends are being kicked up between our ears. Callin’ it like I see it: so far, this time around, with the stakes higher than they’ve ever been, we don’t deserve much else.
    Doesn’t need to ne like this. There are those among us who have made careful study, precisely and over time, of HOW to fight, and not just fight, but win. Turns out, actually, that we’ve managed to win (!!!), we stumbling Lefties, before.
    But we’re not listening. We’re not remembering. Not yet. We’re still playing tiddlywinks with sewer lids and acting like we have all the time in the world.
    Not so much, I suspect. Not so much.

  4. Sam Sedar actually agreed with Jimmy's plan to force the vote. It was really funny though because
    He was trying really hard not to sound petty but did anyway. I don't hate the Majority Report, but as smart as he is Sam can be clueless sometimes.

  5. Kyle is basically a pragmatic centrist nationalist. It is funny how this kind of attitude is on the fringe left on the US-spectrum

    Verklemmt is literally stuck up in German. It means you cannot show your true emotions due to being verklemmt. If you just were not as stuck up, you could see something in a different light, with empathy. Pseudo-intelectuals using pseudo-intelectual terms in a wrong way is pseudo intelectual. These people are not smarter than you, they use a lingo cube to determine whatever they wanna say and you understand it because their intonation is universal. You feel stupid, they feel smart, but they don't even know what they are saying.

    Katie Halper spews so much nonsense. Like what more do Russians need to do for jews until the debt of dissolving all concentration camps is paid back. As a non-russian, I want to say sorry to russians for being misunderstood every step of the way. God could send the rapture to only russians and us idiots would find a way to make it look dubious and anti-semitic, apparently as well as being their fault.

  6. The 4 year, no holds barred, free for all campaign to delegitimize Trump by democrats who now support and defend an incoming presidential administration that looks more Trumpian in scope every day, and now decry a mild form of the outrage and lack of decorum they personified being directed toward one of their own is akin to a rapist screaming "Rape!"

  7. What is this function anyway,, ,what is 'speaker of the house' what is this word 'leverage' does this speaker of the house have any leverage and if so, leverage in regards to what,,, how is a session of congress convened, there are no session meetings now,, not when I look at the webpage. What is said out side a session of federal congress, has no force of law. I see there are people who appear to be in DC now wearing masks,, will all members of federal congress next year be wearing mouth-binds,, have a- gag-order, gackle of geese, groking qarking garalously

    As far as I know, say the british parliamentary system. Once elected, delegated to actually sit in westminister, they are not bound by any party rules,, they are a member of a national assembled body. like ye can 'cross-the-isle' at anytiime and still remain a member of that body. To this end, standing goverments like to have more than a slim majority of pledged votes.

    When it comes to passing the vote to recognized 'the budget' at the end of a session, everybody must vote for what has actually happened. The actual status. Like stocktaking in a warehouse. How much stock has been pilfered, how musch stock came-in, went-out and remains. Shurly a new session must have a known starting point. Immagine the new president for federal congress arrives in the so-called oval office and there is no seat to sit in,, no carpet,, noting in the safe,, (well I would have it removed, unopened)

  8. House representatives represent a district.AOC represents the people in queens many of whom get off the subway Jackson Heights. Jimmy Dore from his 2 million dollar mansion does not speak for the people in district number 14. Let's not forget the Jimmy Dore supported a candidate that's against BDS. Who does support for medicare for all. Her position that the biggest problem in elections was voter harvesting. The thing that pisses me off the most is that he never went after her for those issues and to this day doesn't mention that she is a right winger.
    With his platform why couldn't he change the Congressperson in his district. Or the dog catcher. Fuck Jimmy Dore

  9. Isn't Jimmy cancelling the squad Bernie Sanders and all the others that he attacks that criticises attacks. Gimme Dorism opportunities making money on YouTube like many others

  10. You people are the best progressive left on the planet, including Lee Camp, he should be there as well. Kudos to you all. Keep doing what you are doing. The world badly need people like you in this desperate time. Thank you for your courage, integrity and for sharing your knowledge.

  11. 1:19:25 – OK, which one of them is the imposter who cut Max's mic? I vote for Jimmy to be ejected, his "ohhh how unfortunate" moment was soooo fake. He's actually a CIA plant and a US imperial puppet, I've figured it all out!

  12. Aaron matty is not being honest supported A candidate that was against dbs and the movement of the palestinian people. You can hear it in his softball interview with the representative from Hawaii Tulsa.

  13. The Rushins are come in, Assad as you are

    You agents Put In, to piss in the Mainstream

    They envy our wealth, as we drive to the bread queues

    They hate our freedom, as we war freely choose

    And the Whites take fright

    As the Blacks sing the Blues