LIVE Judge throws out millionaire’s frivolous lawsuit aimed at bankrupting us

We recount the insane story of how a pampered heiress and journalistic wannabe, enriched by millions of dollars seized from Iran by the US government, sued us for exposing her bogus Hezbollah sources, and hired an influential pro-Israel lawyer to try to bankrupt The Grayzone.

After 2.5 years of silence, Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak out about the McCarthyite legal assault. We expose Sulome Anderson and the powerful neoconservative forces supporting her lawfare campaign against us.

Read about the story here:

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. I always had a hard time swallowing Bauer’s explanation of how their Iraqi hiking ended up with an arrest in Iran. I couldn’t hear who Ben referenced who investigated the hapless wanderers tail of woe. Please provide details. Love you all . . . Besides Sean & Jackie @ Sputnik radio, y’all are my go to sources for news. Thank you for all you do! ?

  2. I know this is a very serious subject but with the factual straight man Ben and the caustic funny man Max they are a very entertaining political comedy duo that would sell out on tour anywhere.
    This is yet another of example of how corrupt and deluded the establishment is. Except your Judge!

    The Grayzone for many people around the globe is a taste of truth and sanity versus " the bastards normal."

  3. Great work exposing war mongers. It’s obvious the level of integrity you bring to journalism far exceeds that of the status quo. The sanctimonious “left” projects upon and smears good journalists for doing good journalism. Bravo!

  4. Instead of destroying careers, independent journalism, and free speech this dillusional travesty of legal remedy only reinforces and deepens the GrayZone hypothesis of empire throttling liberty and corrupting cultures worldwide. Scoreboard!

  5. While I hold Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton in the highest esteem, they sure have a lot of cretins, lunatics, and losers for enemies. Actually, "useful idiot for the national security state" amounts to a resume heading for most "journalists".

  6. Probably the most entertaining, certainly the most informative stream I've ever had the pleasure of watching from the Grayzone or anywhere else in identifying so many British & American Dorks who hold themselves forth as writers, journalists, bloggers, pseudo-intellectuals and (as) the Officer-class of the Anglo-American War Machine. Little wonder that the Anglo-American War Machine has bankrupted US and UK, both morally and monetarily! Thank you both for such an informative and entertaining Saturday morning's viewing here in the far west of Ireland and my apologies that I didn't have the opportunity to catch the live-stream broadcast!!

  7. I never even heard of Sulome until just now. But that’s funny that nobody will publish her so called writing now. You know you’re a horrible writer when MSM won’t even publish you’re obvious propaganda.

  8. I couldn’t imagine inheriting millions of dollars. My dad just died and I can’t even have his car cuz his debtors already swooped in

  9. Love the drama between TYT and Aaron/Jimmny, cause I would never have come to this channel if not for the outrage. And I found gold. 😀

  10. It’s amazing and infuriating how Trump mania has warped the minds of people who call themselves liberals. Previously they were opposed to war, the CIA, the FBI and various neocons and now they warmly embrace all of those.

  11. These, "pod cast wars," are about the fact that it seems that anyone can defame anyone else and get away with it. We are losing our protections under the law. Maddow and Carlson both defended themselves and won on the basis that, and I'm paraphrasing, no one takes them seriously anyway. And when you defame someone, they can lose their credibility or even their jobs.

  12. Class warfare perpetrated by elite scum. Plain and simple. Every time a story comes out like this and you peel back the layers it’s all the same.

  13. Aaron Mate too is doing a great Journalistic work on Syria. He is trying to expose the OPCW's final report, blaming the Syrian Government for "Killing its own People". In his Opinion, this is the 2nd most important coverup Scandal after the WMD lies on Iraq. This is way he goes to Jimmy Dore's Show and Tucker Carlson, who have a wider audience than the GrayZone has. I agree with him.

  14. Attacks at truthful voices are coming from all directions. Free speech, censorship, if they can buy you they try to cost you to much. Tyt is also attacking truth tellers and their supporters.