LIVE: PERTH – Footage from Freedom Protest 1ST DEC 2021

Live with our media partner “Freedom Media WA”

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  1. Massive respect to these people for taking this public. I have until the end of December, then I'll be losing my job but I'd rather lose my job than my life and that should be my choice. I'm just as angry as every person there. It's disgusting that McGowan can't even face these people, no proper coverage on mainstream media, repeatedly pushing the clot shot to "keep us all safe". Well no it doesn't do that and can be very harmful so why continue this masquerade? Go you good things. We must stand together and get rid of this nazi idiot. Our indigenous people omg how on earth are they getting away with that. Haven't they suffered enough at the hands of the white man? That angers me more than anything. That needs to be stopped immediately and those responsible for it charged. These politicians have lost the plot. Enough is enough

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