LIVE – Protest Melbourne NOW

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  1. We need to stand up and unite.
    We are the foot soldiers to fight against all evil and crime that's being committed against humanity.
    Vaccinated or not we all need to stand up for freedom.
    People  died  for the freedom  we have today.  We must fight for their sacrifice.
    United we win.

  2. 10 % unjabbed
    15 % minimum coerced in being jabbed
    That's approx 700,000 voters right there….
    Spread out if many electorates.
    Andrews knows this….hes got his lackeys working overtime on strategy ..
    Why do you think the police have pulled back.?
    …the smoothing over process has begun by Andrews….
    .yes , according to Andrews it's about the science…yeah….sure….if you can see a voter in a test tube ….

  3. Amazing. Heroes. Dictator Dan and his cronies aren't the only culpable ones. The media, police and medical departments are just as corrupt and dirty, scum of the earth all of them. History will show them for the scum they are

  4. Still have under 500 ICU beds in Victoria, still have Corona shutting us down. We also have 12 Billion or so that was pumped into this grand scheme and nothing to show from it, apart from a dodgy hearing and a dodgy security business that still trades to this day! What the actual Fark happened over 2 years? Funnel money is the only thing that's been obvious!

  5. whats happening to the rest of AUSTRALIA it seems like only the people from MELBOURNE is fighting the EVEL government and the rest of AUSTRALIA is sitting back and watching WOW ok thats why nothing is getting accomplished in there country there is not enough people fighting the system you all need to STAND UP and fight the EVEL thats taking over your country

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