LIVE – Protest Parliament to Flagstaff 1/2 a Million People

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Protest happening now in Melbourne


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  1. They are already releasing the poll numbers saying how popular Dan Andrews is and his approval rating is higher then last year… by the numbers involved in these protests I can’t see how ? Not without stealing it ??????? Hmmmm

  2. I find that number to be an exaggeration. There was plenty of free parking available not more than 7 mins walk from flinders st. I saw maybe 100,000+ from 1pm to 3pm. No way was it 500K.

  3. Half a million? Why lie? Lucky to be 50,000. Flagstaff gardens wasnt even full.

    Go and look at the 1 million Love Parade crowd.

    Melbourne would have had to be FULL to the brim in half the streets. They didnt even fill Bourke street.

    Better than the 70 at first protest though. Lets pick it up Melb!!!

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