LIVE: The War in Ukraine

Earlier today, Glenn went live on Rumble to comment on the recent developments.

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The original Rumble video can be viewed here:

Glenn’s accompanying Substack article can be read here:

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Knowing a bit more of the story than the average 'news' watcher here is a curse. Not only has NATO and the war promoting 'west' been controlling an anti-Russian propaganda campaign for years, but the 2014 coup, NATO moving (the US) moving troops to Russia's border, and then talk about setting NUKES in Ukraine. They INTENTIONALLY prodded Russia into this action. And then say its THEIR fault. This is a major turning point. Fascism, and all the authoritarianism MUST stop. Putin is trying to end an 8 year war and DE-NAZIFY Ukraine. The GANGSTERS of the 'west' either win it all or start to slow down based on THIS issue, IMO. Go Vlad.

  2. The US wants to use Ukraine as a defacto base. That explains the weapons dump and the trainers who are there. They are dangling it in front of them so that they can use them as Cannon fodder for their proxy war. Now, Ukraine is abandoned

  3. There are just too many people in the DOD who want a confrontation with Russia to stop the hostilities. Their collective world view is want Russia neutralized and removed from the world stage. Without Russia in the enemy camp, the US and NATO can impose their will on lesser adversaries, notably China. There are just too many DR. Strangeloves and John Boltons in D. O. D. for a President to ignore. These are the people Trump identified as the "Deep State". That's why the FBI had to "take him out".

  4. Remember back in 2016 one of the main narratives pre Trump election was if Killiary took power we would be looking to start another conflict with Russia… Trump delayed the inevitable it would seem

  5. I think I learned more on this episode than I did in school. Love Glenn's thorough research with honest commentary! It's worth watching till the end. He just makes total sense.

  6. His analysis of opposing positions to the Russian invasion, could easily apply to the COVID shit-show speech censorship, for the last 2 years. We live in a time when brutal mindlessness is the pinnacle of virtue. The only way to live this social nightmare is to be a retarded naval gazer rummaging for that last piece of lint.

  7. Trust is something all parts have to earn. Russia has a mischievous way to take an entire nation with just dark psychology. I trust not KGB master V. Putin. He has no popularity since he put in jail Navalny and (with deep interference with Venezuela) he let Juan Guaido free. Putin is a malicious threat seeking to conquer the West.

  8. Hear this…the US does not care one whit for the people of Ukraine. They are grifters manipulating an extremely dire situation for their own business interests–that is, removing Russia as a business competitor from the European market so they can expand US LNG production based on new market demand. Btw, it might be interesting to see how many US politicians are now investing in LNG stocks while Ukraine burns and Biden fiddles.

  9. We all know the heartbreaking song of the Scrpions "Winds of Change"
    from 1989, when the Berlin Wall was torn down, and we in Europe cried with
    happiness because the communist dictatorship was overthrown, so now the Germans
    can finally unite. What I learned a month ago is that from 1947 to 1952, Stalin
    offered the Americans to unite Germany every year! Let Germany be a bourgeois
    capitalist state !!! Americans refused

  10. These clowns are a danger to the world. They can get away with their own incompetence when they are dealing with weak nations that can't really hit back. This time they are biting way more than they can chew, and they are so ideologically possessed that they can't tell the difference.

  11. Great interview Glenn. Now the US are army the Nazis in Ukraine. Now they can demonize Russians & cancel Nordstream 2. Has everyone forgotten the Afghanistan?

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