LIVE: The Young Turks Smear Aaron Maté In Libelous Rant (Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian)

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LIVE: The Young Turks Smear Aaron Maté In Libelous Rant (Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian)


  1. Wow, I am shocked. Aaron Maté is a fantastic journalist. I used to be a fan of TYT back in the day, now it's just embarrassing.

  2. ok, I just gotta say, I would like to hear your takes on things, but the annoying and distracting notifications are too much. There's a reason I mute them on my computer. You should think about doing that.
    After the third or fourth one, I gave up

  3. Ana Kasparian has become completely unhinged. She repeatedly comes off as a ill mannered short tempered bitch to put it bluntly. And honestly she couldn't have attacked a more mild mannered, polite, respectful, well spoken, intelligent, well read and honest journalist in Aaron Mate. You know someone is losing it when they just go into attack mode and start dropping out of control F Bombs directed at an individual without giving any real substance. Its very entertaining and tbh somewhat gratifying to see a nasty , judgemental, egotistical and narcissist person such as ana kasparian losing her shit because she is getting called out and owned by smarter and more savvy journalists such as Aaron Mate.

  4. Jackson, there was no attack. The whole damned thing was staged! Didn't you pay attention to, for example, TJDS right from the original claim?

  5. 30:54 Cenk's first word is THEY … THEY said Aaron Mate yelled at me. Who's THEY ? Isn't it on his own account.
    And about Ana … a Dutch saying: "Een kat in het nauw maakt rare sprongen", translates something like: A cat (trapped) in a tied corner makes crazy jumps (to escape).

    Meanwhile, the real journalist is on the ground in Syria.

  6. When you're utterly disgusted at what you've become, it's easier to project that disgust outwards rather than look in the mirror–knowing full well what you see won't be pretty.

  7. Jackson – "Anna Kasparian is not your average American…"

    Anna Kasparian – "Yeah I'm fucking better than them – MUCH better than them! They're garbage!"

  8. In order to prove libel, I think you have to demonstrate that you were harmed financially. All this attention will probably help him. I'm sure TYT's lawyers know this. I haven't watched TYT in over a year, but I've seen posts suggesting that they're getting about 3500 views per post. You have more than that on this one. They're cratering and are desperate and are doing this for the retweets. The publicity around the Albright interview ain't gonna help.

  9. Wow, I don't know how Ana still has a segment on Jacobin, not that Jacobin is all that great, but it's wayy better than TYT, they're real "grifters"

  10. That's what it looks like when you know are loosing an argument. Aaron's reporting is incredibly valuable. And as a sidetone, go watch his interviews with his father, Gabor on the gray zone. Before I did. I thought I was smart..

  11. I can imagine Anna and cenk attacking critics of the gulf of Tonkin incident or the Iran contra scandal or the babies thrown from incubators during the first gulf War in different times.